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Monday 22.07.2019 | Name days: Marija, Marika, Marina

State Social Insurance Fund of Lithuania giving more than it receives

Nine out of ten branches of SoDra (State Social Insurance Fund) throughout Lithuania are deemed to be technically insolvent. Analysis of the regional offices shows that in 90% of regions there are more pension beneficiaries than there are active workers.

Chairman of the Board of Lithuania Bank resigns

The current Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian Bank, Reinoldijus Šarkinas has tendered his resignation to be effective 15 April. Šarkinas has reached the end of his five year term, and in fact Seimas had to ratify an extension until 15 April as it was a few months more than the specified five years.

Binders leaves Estonia

The Latvian road construction company Binders is forced to leave the Estonian market and break the concluded contract in 2009 with the Estonian Road Department on Pärnu bypass construction.

Excise not boosting tax revenue

Despite new excise duty rates for alcohol have been climbing during the past three years, the excise tax revenue keeps dropping. Estimates show excise has climbed 40% in two years time. Thus tax revenue should have been growing.

Imprisonment for bribery replaced with 500 million rubles fine

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev has submitted a Bill to the Council, stipulating sharp increase in the fines for all involved parties in commercial bribery.

Dell’s quarterly profit boosts its share value

On Thursday, February 17, the value of Dell Inc. shares rose 11% after the world’s second largest PC manufacturer announced about the high quarterly profits, thus, reducing concerns about the sustainability of its margins.

Experts: Latvia has no ICT aims

Latvia has not defined clear aims in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. The fierce competition and shrinking orders have added to businessmen having to make more effort to carry out projects and see whether their are capable of introducing them successfully.

EC turns to court against Greece on free capital flow restriction

The European Commission has decided to start legal proceedings against Greece, who has allegedly violated the European Union legislation on free capital flow.

Tension in East nears oil price to 85 dollars

On February 17, the price of oil in Asia came close to 85 US dollars per barrel. Investors are increasingly worried about the political developments in the Middle East, which could escalate and hamper crude oil supplies.

CPCB collaborates with Germans in Daimler case

There are some unexpected aspects in the case on the alleged Riga City Council officials’ bribery that was carried out in order to achieve favourable outcome in the tender for the bus supply.

Latvia falls behind Russia and Poland in terms of welfare level

The occurred drop in prosperity, due to the recession, has created a situation where Latvia is at lower position than Russia and Poland, in terms of welfare. Forecasts show that Latvia will not manage to improve the position this year.

Agriculture Minister: not all Latvian exporters are able to fulfil agreements

Not all of the export companies in Latvia manage to meet the stipulated product supplies, the Agriculture Minister Jānis Dūklavs indicates at the Agricultural Organization Cooperation Council’s meeting.

UN: world at risk of hunger-related riots

The risk of unrests caused by hunger in the African and Latin American countries has increased due to the food price surge, indicates the published information by the United Nations.