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Sunday 15.09.2019 | Name days: Sandra, Gunvaldis, Gunvaris, Sondra

Expert: passenger transportation might see a downfall in 2012

If the budget consolidation measures, which are currently being planned by the government, are implemented and the sector funding is reduced by aanother 30%, passenger transportation can expect a breakdown in 2012, considers Pēteris Salkazanovs, the president of the Latvian Passenger Carriers’ Association.

Idea not to recover small tax debts

If it were permitted by the law, small tax debts not exceeding 10 lats could be freed from collection. The current legislation does not allow not carrying out debt collection to small debts reaching only a couple of santims or lats.

Latvia reports the highest number of jobseekers in Baltics

Compared with its neighbours Lithuania and Estonia, last year Latvia had the largest proportion of unemployed persons –18.7%.

Few imports from Japan not to raise concern

Currently, the incoming cargos from Japan are checked at the European Union’s (EU) external borders. Yet overall, the number of freights from Japan to Latvia is small, therefore there are no grounds for concern, the Food and Veterinary Service spokeswoman Anna Joffe points out to the business news portal BNN.

Corruption Prevention Bureau head said to have ordered phone tapping politicians

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) head Normunds Vilnitis has violated the law by asking to phone tap several politicians, CPCB senior officer Juris Jurass announced at a meeting of Saeima Corruption Prevention Subcommittee on March 22.

53.1% of Latvia able-bodied population employed

The economically active population has dropped 2.6%, compared to 2009. Nearly two thirds (65.3%) of this age group were economically active - 69.5% among men and 61.5% among women. All in all 940.9 thousand persons (53.1% of population aged from 15 to 74) were employed in 2010.

Oskars Abolins appointed as the SFRS Chief

On Tuesday, March 22, the government appointed the current SFRS Riga Region Administration head, Major Oskars Abolins as the Chief of the State Fire and Rescue Service. Abolins’ candidacy to the SFRS Chief’s post was named by the Interior Minister Linda Mūrniece.

Baltics’ media advertising market down 7% in 2010

In 2010, the Baltic media advertising market fell by 7%, to 225.3 million euro, according to the aggregated data by the market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia.

Forum Cinemas gets new owner

The Finnish Sanoma Group plans to sell the cinema business in the Baltic States and Finland to the Swedish company Ratos AB, according to the company’s announcement to the stock exchange.

Latvian Milk accuses Preiļu Cheese of spreading false rumours

SIA Latvian Milk has filed a legal claim to AS Preiļu Cheese Board Chairman Jāzeps Šnepsts on diffusing false information regarding the new dairy plant project, which Preiļu Cheese Head publicly referred to as a «money-laundering project», the business news portal BNN was informed by the dairy cooperative Trikāta KS Board Chairman Uldis Krievārs.

2.5 million euros allocated for Estonian fishladders

The Environmental Investment Center allocated 2.5 million euros to be divided up by four projects that will help preserve fishing populations in Estonia.