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Wednesday 21.08.2019 | Name days: Linda, Janīna

Financial Times: Baltics report signs of real estate market recovery

From a long-term perspective, the real estate sector is stabilizing in the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia even after the setbacks of the past three years.

Everyone can freely obtain Census data and change it

Online Census 2011 system allows freely obtaining data on the persons that have already registered, if the personal identification number and passport number are known, which, in turn, can be traced with the help of both Internet search engines and various official documents and registers.

State Audit Office: Interior Ministry should promote employees professional training

The Interior Ministry has not ensured a single professional education system for public officials with special service ranks at the IM system colleges, the State Audit Office has concluded.

Rīgas piena kombināts wants to take over Rīgas piensaimnieks to become dairy giant

Dairy Rīgas piena kombināts is currently negotiating with its competitor Rīgas piensaimnieks owners possible acquisition of the Riga-based milk processing company and a merger.

Tension in East boosts US oil stocks drop and oil gains

Brent oil keeps gaining after hitting 2-1/2-year high in the morning of February 2. The reason for such a price surge is the growing tension in Lybia, raising fear in other oil producers in the Middle East and North Africa. At the same time, oil and fuel stocks are unexpectedly falling in the US.

Transport Minister: Riga Free Port should have been ready for severe winter

The previous two winters were much easier, a winter like this with such freeze has not been seen in 15 years, which is no excuse, though. Both Riga Free Port and stevedoring companies, also businessmen were warned about the possible weather, Transport Minister of Latvia Uldis Augulis says.

Estonian businessmen fight against shadow economy

Black market is not profitable, because businessmen lose money due to unfair competition. Realizing that, businessmen themselves take part in fighting the shadow economy, according to the experts Sven Kirsipuu and Sören Meius.

Economists: high fuel prices slow down retail turnover

First and foremost it was growing fuel prices resulting in dropping sales that slowed down the retail trade turnover, Latvian economists say.

FCMC included in the single remuneration system

Starting from March 1, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) has been included in the single state and local government institution officials and employees remuneration system. This is provided by the amendments in the State and Local Government Institution Officials and Employees Remuneration law.

75% of Latvians consider themselves economical

75% of Latvia’s population think they are frugal, yet only 44% of the respondents consider others as economical as well. At the same time, 41% of the population recognize they spend money on irrational and impractical purchases.

Stock exchange performs market supervision over Parex Bank

NASDAQ OMX Riga Stock Exchange decided on Tuesday, March 1, to apply supervision status to AS Parex banka, according to official statement.

Census 2011 starts off

Latvia starts Census 2011 on March 1. This year's Census allows also online completion starting from March 1 up to March 10. Starting from March 17 census interviewers will visit those who had not completed the form on the Internet, the Central Statistical Bureau head Aija Žīgure says.