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Ceturtdiena 12.12.2019 | Name days: Otīlija, Iveta

Spain to carry out the all-times largest IPO

The Spanish government plans to get 7.5 billion euro by selling the national lottery company Loterias y Apuestas del Estado shares. The IPO is expected in late October and will become the biggest Spanish company's stock flotation in the country’s history.

35% of Latvian companies do not submit annual reports

Although normative acts stipulate capital companies have to submit an annual report each year, the actual situation indicates many businesses meet this requirement with delay or hold-up the deadline significantly.

Also LNT wants to broadcast Dinamo games

Despite the negotiations between the Latvian national television network members and hockey club Dinamo Riga management on which TV channel will broadcast the Continental Hockey League games next season, up to now no decisions have been adopted.

Mill company Rīgas dzirnavnieks to invest over a million lats

Grain mill company A/s Rīgas dzirnavnieks plans investing over a million lats in acceptance and processing of grain, as well as optimization of energy resources.

Economist: salary rise not to boost inflation

I don't believe today's salary rises can have an impact on the inflation, neither will the next year bring that big salary increases to boost inflation, says the economist Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis.

Riga hotel occupancy rate surges 35%

In April 2011, the number of tourists in Riga kept growing, with the average Riga hotel occupancy rate rising 35% to 57.41%.

China emerges as world's top gold buyer

The Chinese have ranked the first in the world in terms of buying gold bars and coins, acquiring nearly 91 tons of gold in the first quarter of 2011.

Tax rise on alcohol not to allow to fulfil the plan

The upcoming alcoholic beverages price gains after June 1, boosted by excise tax rise, will have a negative impact on revenue dynamics and 2011 will be concluded with losses, According to Latvia Association of Alcohol Producers and Traders.

Expert: leasing and factoring market sees fiercer competition

In the first four months of 2011, leasing and factoring markets have resumed competition. Moreover, creditors that halted new deals during the crisis are now more active as well.

Aizkraukles Bank changes name to ABLV Bank

Latvian Aizkraukles Banka has changed its name to ABLV Bank and introduced a new brand, Dagnija Dižbite, the bank's representative told the business news portal BNN.

Industry producer prices up 2.3%

If comparing to March, the overall level of producer prices in Latvian industry grew 2.3% in April 2011, increasing 4.2% on the domestic market, while dropping 0.3% in export.

Latvia Census may count more than actual population

Latvia Census 2011 could bring a number of surprises. One of them - it could count much less of those who have emigrated.

Investment banker: pensioners bring Latvia near financial disaster

Pensioners not only push Latvia closer to a financial catastrophe, but are also the electorate of politicians not willing to change anything, the investment banker Ģirts Rungainis is convinced.

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