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SAS Group loses 43 million lats in first quarter

Scandinavian airline SAS Group concluded the first quarter of 2011 with 43.4 million lats in losses (554 million Swedish kronor) before tax, the company's representative Elīna Vītiņa informed the business news portal BNN.

Latio: standard apartments segment sees growing activity

Square meter price of a standard apartment in Riga grew two euro in April, totalling 583 euro. All in all, standard apartment price level has remained flat for some period of time already, according to real estate company Latio.

Russia’s government debt grows one third

Last year, the Russian government debt increased by 28.6%, amounting to 4.1 trillion rubles or 9.3% of GDP on January 1, this year.

Toyota first quarter profit - 52% less than forecast

Car maker Toyota profit plummeted 52% in the first quarter of 2011, as opposed to analysts forecasts. Moreover, the company has refused to predict the performance of 2011.

88% of Latvians do not approve of government’s performance

Despite the people of Latvia assess the performance of the government more critically than before and believe the state administration endangers the economic welfare, at the same time they are confident the government will boost the development of the country in future.

Microsft overpays Skype 40% of its value

Microsoft has overpaid considerably for Skype Technologies, as the sum of the buyout exceeds the value of the company 40%.

Finance Ministry plans to boost EU fund agreements 90%

As of May this year the volume of approved European Union fund projects and agreements can be assessed positively and it is expected by the end of 2011 the proportion of them against the EU funding will comprise about 90%.

Brent crude exceeds 118 dollars

On Wednesday, May 11, Brent crude rose to 118 US dollars per barrel after China's oil demand hit the third highest record level. This indicates that Beijing's efforts to cool down the economy has so far failed.

State Audit Office discovers infringements in most of Interior Ministry institutions

Latvia State Audit Office's (SAO) report On correctness of preparation of the annual report for 2010 of the Interior Ministry (IM) describes a number of infringements in the most of IM establishments and the Ministry itself as well.

Latvia could restrict cash transactions above 3 000 lats

Amendments to the law on taxes and duties to be reviewed this week in the state secretaries meeting provide restricting legal persons' cash transactions above 3 000 lats.

Mortgage Bank profit hits 2 million lats this year

Latvijas Hipotēku un zemes banka concluded the first four months of 2011 with a profit of 2 million lats, the bank’s spokeswoman Sandra Eglīte informs the business news portal BNN.

Expert: Baltic insurance market resumes stable growth

Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE in the Baltics written premiums in 2010 amount to 17 million euro, 3% more than a year before, which suggests stable growth has resumed in the Baltic insurance market.

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