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Monday 17.06.2019 | Name days: Artis, Artūrs

Lithuania export and import growth - 43.5% and 37.6%

In a year's time since October 2009 and October 2010, Lithuania export and import have increased by 43.5% and 37.6%. Similarly in the period of January and October this year, export and import have surged 30.2% and 29.9%.

Latvia’s debt amounts to 5.04 billion lats

This year, the total public and local government debt has increased by 745 million lats and in late November formed 5.04 billion lats, according to the information compiled by the State Treasury.

State Audit Office: Building Inspectorate liquidation weakened construction supervision

After the Building Inspectorate was liquidated, the supervision of construction work in the state has weakened, moreover imperfections in the legislation and actual actions of the respective institutions affect also the security of consumers, concluded the State Audit Office.

Saeima does not approve Judin as Supreme Court justice

The Saeima did not approve the criminal law expert Andrejs Judins as the Supreme Court justice in a secret ballot.

Number of newly registered cars grows the fastest in Latvia

In November 2010 Latvia recorded the fastest increase of newly registered cars in the European Union (EU), namely, according to European Automobile Manufacturers data, the number of registered cars has increased by 213%.

Foreign investors against Latvia intentions regarding budget

Foreign investors do not support taking away money from residents and state institutions, instead they suggest the government should implement structural reforms and shift the tax burden.

LTDA Head: significant increase achieved in tourism sector

Significant increase in tourism has been attained this year, the Head of Latvia’s Tourism Development Agency Armands Slokenbergs asserts, noting that the sector development indicators are good, especially during the third quarter of 2010, when the number of foreigners, provided with accommodation services, has grown by 27%.

Firewood prices return to «fat years» level

Currently firewood prices in Latvia have returned to the «fat years» level, but no additional price climb is expected, consequently the current price level could remain flat in a long-term as well, says forest exploitation and woodworking company SIA Krauzers Board Chairman Andis Araks.

Survey: Facebook recognized as the best workplace in US

Among the largest companies in the US, Facebook has been regarded the best workplace, suggests the survey on career opportunities, which was conducted by the portal Glassdoor.

Estonia collects 94% of the planned revenue by December

During eleven months of the year, the Estonian state budget has collected 79.6 billion kroons (EUR 5.09 billion), forming 94.2% of the planned revenue.

Estonian Air halts ticket sales due to «sky-rocketed» demand

Estonian Air gift vouchers worth 1000 Estonian kroon, which were sold on the Internet site at 40% discount – for 600 kroon, received such enourmous attention from customers that the company was forced to stop the campaign.

Competition Council fines RIMI for pressing discounts on AS Valmieras piens

The Competition Council has found that SIA RIMI Latvia has maliciously used its dominant position in the retail trade, forcing economically-ungrounded discounts on AS Valmieras piens for the product placement at Supernetto brand stores.

Smaller interest rates for commercial loans in lats, higher - for ones in foreign currencies

October this year shows interest rates for loans issued in lats for companies have decreased, at the same time climbing for loans issued in foreign currencies.

Google Nexus S - available in Latvia spring next year

Google Nexus S manufacturer chooses to distribute the phone first in USA and the United Kingdom. Samsung plans to distribute the mobile phone in other countries in late first quarter of 2011, the business portal BNN was informed by SIA Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (Latvian Mobile Telephone) spokeswoman Elīna Lidere.

Several China provinces to reach Russia GDP indicators in ten year’s time

By 2020, the economy of six provinces in China will form as high gross domestic product as that of Russia and Canada, indicates the survey by Britain’s largest bank HSBC.

FCMC Chairperson: current Latvia banking system – stronger than ever

At the moment, the Latvian banking system is much stronger than ever before, and although many are looking to find fault in us, it is an achievement that we are proud of, indicates the Financial and Capital Market Commission Chairperson Irena Krumane.