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Wednesday 22.01.2020 | Name days: Austris

State Border Guard does not list a million lats

Within the framework of annual financial audits in the Interior, Defence, Transport and Justice Ministries, Latvia State Audit Office has discovered significant discrepancies to have an impact on these ministries budget performance.

Subsistence level hits 174.22 lats in April

In April 2011, the subsistence level amounted to 174.22 lats in Latvia, according to the Central Statistical Bureau information.

85% of investors expect Greece default, with Portugal and Ireland following

Nearly 85% of investors around the world expect that sooner or later Greece will fail to repay its debt and will be forced to default.

Businessman: hopefully, Microsoft will develop Skype in Estonia

Estonian social web-portal founder Andrei Korobeinik expresses a hope global software giant Microsoft will keep developing Skype in Estonia, as the deal could lead to hundreds of new jobs and help develop the economy.

Analysts: Baltic States economies have peaked

The Baltic States Estonia and Lithuania’s economic growth is likely to slow down, slipping from the first quarter peaks. This will be due to the foreign demand drop causing limited export, which so far was the driving force of countries’ development.

GDP could expand 0.8% in EU

European Union (EU) and eurozone GDP could grow 0.8% in the first quarter if 2011, compared to the previous one, according to Eurostat flash estimate.

Expert: European tourism industry is reviving

The number of Europeans travelling during holidays is growing – last year 68% of the European Union residents went on a trip, while in 2009 – 65%.

Corruption Prevention Bureau employees shocked about Vilks dismissal

Latvia Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) employees and officials trade union is expressing its disappointment with the dismissal of CPCB's deputy director Alvis Vilks, without coordinating the move with them.

Egypt requests loan from IMF

The International Monetary Fund has received a loan request from Egypt, which needs financial resources to develop its economy, says Caroline Atkinson, IMF representative.

United Nations: one third of world's food is wasted

1.3 billion tonnes or one third of all the food produced for human consumption all around the world is dumped each year. Moreover, industrial and developing countries lose about the same amount of food.

US offers Lithuania three times cheaper gas than Russia

The American company Cheniere Energy has concluded an agreement with Klaipedos nafta on the possibility of supplying liquefied gas at a lower price than the one offered by Russia's Gazprom, announced the Lithuanian Energy Minister Arvydas Sekmokas.

IMF: Eastern Europe’s economy to expand 4.3% in 2011 and 2012

In 2011, the Eastern Europe's growth should only slightly accelerate, since the domestic demand is already recovering. However, the key risk arises from the eurozone’s financial problems – large budget deficits and inflation, consider the International Monetary Fund's representatives.

Alarm sirens cost over one million lats

Alarm sirens cost more than one million lats, while their yearly maintenance requires several thousand lats from Latvia’s national budget.

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