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Saturday 25.01.2020 | Name days: Sigurds, Zigurds

Arab bourses lose 49 billion dollars due to Egypt unrest

Protests in Egypt have made Arab bourses lose 49 billion dollars (24.9 billion lats).

Sweden to sell 6.3% of Nordea shares

The Swedish government is about to sell more than 255 million shares or 6.3% of Nordea bank stock, according to the Swedish Finance Ministry. The statement supports the centre-right government's plan to sell parts or all of the state-owned companies.

Consolidation of 60 –70 million lats required not to cut family benefits

If the state family benefits are maintained at their current level, this year the budget consolidation will be carried out at even greater extent – 60 to 70 million lats, the Finance Minister Andris Vilks ponts out.

Residence permits – a catch for millions

The amount of investments placed in order to obtain a residence permit could triple by the end of the year, surpassing 100 million euro.

Experts: industrial growth needs investments

The industrial output of December was affected by the weather conditions and shrinking number of orders, believe economists, indicating that export and investments will ensure the industrial growth in 2011.

Illegal tobacco comprises 38% of Latvian market

Last December illegal tobacco market share amounted to 38% in Latvia , according to TNS Latvia study. The same figure comprised 47% in Lithuania and 19% in Estonia.

Baltic States no longer an isolated energy island

In 2015 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will become a part of the common European Union energy market due to new gas and electricity supply channels.

Industrial output grew 13.9% last year

Compared to 2009, in 2010 the industrial production output has increased by 13.9%, totalling 4121.1 million lats, indicates the Central Statistical Bureau data.

Novatours: Egypt riots caused losses to equal the volcano's

Protests in Egypt will bring tourism companies as big losses as the consequences of Iceland's volcanic eruption, according to Novatours Executive Director Andree Uustal.

Real estate market activity not to drop

In January 2011 the serial apartment prices in Riga remained at the level of the previous months and are considered to be stable. The first month of 2011 reported a rise in the number of people willing to sell their flats due to high public utilities bills or debts and purchase a flat with smaller living space instead, indicates Latio's housing market report.

E-mail users warned to beware

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Lithuania is warning about e-mails comprising suspicious advertisements.

Key political risks in Latvia – exchange rate and outstanding payments

According to Aon's Global Risk Map for 2011, Latvia is placed at the medium risk level group, while the neighbouring countries – Estonia and Lithuania – at low-risk zone, the business news portal BNN was informed by the leading insurance broker company in the world and the Baltic States – Aon.

Organizations plan basic salary increase

Entrepreneurs expect wage rise along with higher performance rate achievement by employees, reveals the labour market outlook survey by Fontes.

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