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Sunday 25.08.2019 | Name days: Patrīcija, Ludis, Ludvigs, Ivonna

Economist: eurozone is in danger of collapse

The eurozone could last up to five more years, yet in the worst case, it will simply collapse, asserts the well-known US economist and professor of the New York University Nouriel Roubini.

Haul reduction to increase canned fish price

The European Commission (EC) decision to reduce the Baltic herring and sprat haul, at least by one-third, could lead to an increase in the canned fish prices.

Latvia recommended learning from Estonians

Latvia’s achievements in the private sector are very good; however, the country could learn many useful things from its neighbouring country – Estonia, believes Edward Lucas, the central and east European region correspondent and deputy editor of The Economist.

Analyst: re-recession in US would affect Latvia

US economical indicators that have turned out to be weaker that it was expected may suggest that there could be another recession in the United Sates (US) that would affect also Latvia.

Milk price to increase

Travel agencies lose 10-15% of clients

An increasing number of tourists book trips on the Internet without using travel agencies services, which means that the agencies have lost about 10-15% of clients in the recent years.

Eurozone external trade surplus - 6.7 bn euro

Eurozone external trade surplus reached 6.7 billion euro in July this year, according to Eurostat first calculations about the trade balance.

Google brand value grows by 36%

Google has improved its position in the best global brands rating. Its brand value has increased by 36% in a year's time, reaching 43.5 billion US dollars (23.5 billion lats), reports UK News Reporter.

More than a half of Europeans disappointed in euro

Approximately 55% of Europeans have expressed negative attitude towards the single currency - the euro, according to surveys conducted in several countries.

Lithuania to build natural gas terminal together with Oman

Lithuania is considering to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, using neither Latvian nor Estonian, nor the European Union (EU) funds, announced Lithuania Minister of Energy Arvydas Sekmokas.

Vegetable price to increase due to small harvest

At the present moment, about a half of vegetable crops has been harvested in Latvia, they have grown well and their quality is also good. However, as the vegetable harvest this year will be smaller, the prices will slightly increase in winter.

Central Bank: eurozone problem - wish for easy money

The main problem of the eurozone is not its huge debts, yet the desperate want of the national governments to obtain easy money, considers the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Jean-Claude Trichet.

Luzhkov's possible resignation worries investors

Rumour that Yury Luzhkov could resign from Mayor of Moscow position have made the Bank of Moscow investors more cautious.

SRS calculates 88.5 million lats in taxes and fines

In the first eight months of this year the State Revenue Service (SRS) Tax Control Department has conducted 1088 tax audits, ordering to pay 88.5 million lats.

Ozols refuses to arrange EXPO matters and organize Latvia pavilion auction

The Minister for Economics Atis Kampars on Tuesday September 14 issued an order requiring that the Ministry of Economy (ME)takes over from Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA) the matters related to Latvia participation in the international exhibition World EXPO 2010.

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