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Monday 21.10.2019 | Name days: Severīns, Urzula

Electronic services popularity grows

More customers benefit from the electronic services provided advantages – the volume of payments and the money sums at cash points have significantly increased, as this payment method has become more popular. Moreover, people settle their purchases with payment cards more often.

Factoring market declines by 50.5%

Last year, compared to 2008, the factoring market in Latvia has shrunk by 50.5%, indicates the Latvian Lessors Association data.

Serious investors interested in Citadele bank

The result of Parex bank restructuring Citadele bank has created serious interest in investors, but the current problem is the government has not agreed upon the bank's sale yet, indicates the Latvian Privatisation Agency Board Chairwoman Iveta Zalpetere (Iveta Zalpētere).

Study: Baltic enterprise executives afraid to admit mistakes

The company executives in the Baltic States are very active and manage to successfully achieve results; however, they are often afraid to admit their mistakes.

At least half of Latvia pledged

At least 50% of companies' assets in Latvia are put in pledge. Only enterprises of stable export turnover operate independently. The rest live with loans, the lawyer Edgars Karelis is convinced; Gunars Kirsons (Gunārs Ķirsons) owned catering company Lido is also on the agenda of the lawyer.

Expert: internal devaluation in Latvia ends

The return of inflation indicates the end of the economic crisis in the country – the internal devaluation process has stopped and the stabilization begins.

Raw food material traders consider price rise options

After observing the market participant’s reaction to the rumours and news that, allegedly, prices of various food products are likely to increase due to the natural disasters and other events in the world; raw food material traders assess the possibility to raise prices, believes Artis Rozitis, the entrepreneur from Kuldiga and the owner of inns, pizzerias, and cafés under the brand name Stender.

Minimal wage set after new concept

Latvia Ministry of Welfare (MW) has developed a concept providing three new minimal monthly wage setting principles.

Sadales tīkls intends tariff rise by 12.5%

A/S Sadales tīkls, the subsidiary of Latvenergo, intends to raise its service tariff by 12.5% starting from January 1, next year.

Top oil trader: oil price will not reach 100 US dollars

Despite the previous prognosis on oil price climb up to 100 US dollars (50.3 lats) per barrel, the world’s largest oil trading house forecasts the price increase will be modest next year, reaching 85 US dollars (42.7 lats).

Economic crisis propels 12% price increase in Estonia

During three year’s time, prices have grown by 12% on average in Estonia. This is significantly more than the observed average price climb (7%) in the European Union.

Minister advisers' salaries allowed to be increased

Minister advisers and office employees will be allowed to receive higher salaries because the Saeima has revoked the hitherto existing employee salary ceiling, including these job categories in a single joint public officials wage system.

Estonia to run out of EU unemployment funds soon

In July 2011 Estonia will run out of the European Union (EU) funds allocated to the social sector support, including the unemployed.

UPB Board Chairman: Scandinavian markets offer better experience and competitiveness rise

In Scandinavian markets it is possible to get greater experience in engineering solutions, and in work safety issues, as well as, considering that we are one region neighbours, enhance our potential market competitiveness in the Baltic States market.