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Wednesday 13.11.2019 | Name days: Jevgēņija, Jevgēņijs, Eižens

Swedbank: tax rise to encourage tax evasion

Further tax increase may even more propel avoidance of tax pay, especially if the volume of shadow economy does not decrease and the society’s confidence in expenditure reduction process declines, assert Swedbank economists.

Arco Real Estate: Latvia real estate prices unlikely to change

Price climb of October has finally stopped, thus 2010 highest apartments price rise was recorded in January - 4.6%, the business portal BNN was informed by the real estate company Acro Real Estate representative.

Estonian banks earn at the expense of currency exchange rates

The major banks of Estonia are making use of the possibility to exchange euro loans to kroons at favourable rates. Department of Consumer Protection points out, by making use of their exchange rates, banks earn several tens of kroons in a year's time.

Study: GDP potential to drop due to qualified labour shortage

Alongside with the decrease in qualified labour offer, gross domestic product growth potential will drop as well, concluded the University of Latvia PhD student of Social Demographics Ivars Indans in the study Highly Qualified Labour From Third Countries. International Experience and Latvia’s Situation.

Latvia President nominates Dombrovskis as Prime Minister

The President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers announced today, November 2, that the current Head of the government Valdis Dombrovskis (the party New Era) is nominated as the Candidate for the Prime Minister post.

Riga Central Market not quick to get rid of mediators

AS Rīgas centrāltirgus (Riga Central Market) plans developing a new land lease regulations; however the existing contracts most likely will remain in force.

Car insurance to be more expensive in 2011

After a huge drop in prices within two years’ time – for OCTA (about 50%) and KASKO (about 20%) policies – the insurers expect a return to the climb in prices next year. OCTA price is likely to increase even by 30%, but KASKO – by 20%.

Economist: selling Citadele and Parex Bank could reduce the state debt

By selling the almost entirely state-owned AS Parex banka and the created AS Citadele banka as its reorganisation result the state could exempt the currently frozen state deposits at both banks and reduce the state’s external debt, indicated Nordea Bank senior economist Andris Strazds.

Survey: 51% of Latvia residents support AFL–FFF/LNNK non-inclusion in coalition

More than a half of the respondents in the economically active population of Latvia support the party association Unity decision not to include the party All for Latvia – For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK in the new coalition, indicate the survey conducted by TNS Latvia and LNT broadcast 900 sekundes.

Estonian tax policy attracts foreign businessmen

«Estonia has the best laws, good banks, cheap accounting services and less bureaucracy than in, for example, Germany and Lithuania. But the most important thing is that there is no income tax,» points out Euroalliance, a Lithuanian company registered in Estonia, Board Member Nerijus Strumila.

Unpaid taxes in Estonia hit 751 million kroons this year

During the period from January to September the Estonian Tax and Customs Department has found undeclared and unpaid taxes at the extent of 751 million Estonian kroon (33.7 million lats).

Medicine traders and producers relations worsening may result in price climb

The relations between medicinal product producers and traders growing worse, the medicinal products are likely to become more expensive, while the medicines at pharmacies – less available.

Latvian Taxi Company Employers’ Association Head: taxi industry to turn «upside down»

In two months, Latvia taxi industry is to experience significant changes finally enhancing the market arrangement.