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Ceturtdiena 21.11.2019 | Name days: Andis, Zeltīte

ME: House managers do not work with debtors

The Ministry of Economy has concluded that house managers at many local governments do not work with debtors actively enough in order to recover debts.

Balticovo plans becoming Northern Europe leading egg producer

Balticovo, which has enrolled in a competition The Most Export Capable Trader, has invested more than 20 million lats in product innovations and development, which has also affected the company's export growth.

Bank of America loses 7.3 billion US dollars

The US major bank Bank of America has reported an operating profit loss in the third quarter, although the revenues are only slightly smaller than the figures of the previous quarter.

Entrepreneurs: Latvia has to improve renewable energy policy

Even though the renewable energy in Latvia has future and an enormous potential, currently, there is a lack of investments, or they are not discussed sufficiently enough, assert the entrepreneurs.

Struggling companies not to receive state guarantees anymore

Starting from November, the Latvian Guarantee agency will stop issuing guarantees for troubled businesses’ loans, according to the government’s decision that was adopted today, October 19.

Japan’s economy – paused

The Japanese economy has currently halted due to the increasing concerns about the strengthening of yen, indicated the Japanese government.

Russians buy vodka and caviar only - business needs to be West-oriented

Foreigners suggest Russian businessmen focusing on the West more, because they believe Russians themselves buy vodka and caviar only.

Price climb propels inflation

Price climb will foster inflation and emptiness of consumers' pockets, show market and economy experts forecasts.

Foreigners continue buying out Latvian forests

Top 25 major forest owners list included only 9 foreign companies a year ago, the current number is 12.

RSK to finally settle debts

Since the auction of the building situated at Lāčplēša Street was completed successfully, AS RSK apdrošināšana (RSK), which will be liquidated soon, will be able to meet all the creditors’ requirements in compliance with the liquidation process plan, points out the company’s representatives.

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