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Sunday 23.02.2020 | Name days: Haralds, Almants

IMF introduces obligatory financial stability tests

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) intends to introduce obligatory financial stability tests in 25 countries that have the largest financial systems.

Lido receives extrajudicial legal protection

The Vidzeme Suburb Court of the City of Riga has set an extrajudicial legal protection to the entrepreneur Gunars Kirsons catering company SIA Lido.

WSJ: EU set secret committee to prevent default

European leaders have set up a secret committee, whose task is not to allow the European Union (EU) states' default, especially, in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

Medvedev suspends Luzhkov

Lielpinka: business planning - problematic for entrepreneurs

The biggest problem for the entrepreneurs in Latvia is caused by the fact that it is not possible to normally plan the business and the budget. It is difficult to work, if the taxes are randomly changed at the time when everything is already mapped out, maintains the lawyer of the company Lāčplēša alus darītava Inese Lielpinka.

Leasing regains popularity

Paunins: construction market stabilizes

Along with the increasing volume of construction work and occurrence of private orders, the construction market is experiencing the first signs of stabilization, considers SIA RE & RE Chairman of the Board Ainars Paunins (Ainārs Pauniņš).

30% to vote on the same party in elections

Nearly half of the citizens, or 46%, do not intend to vote on the same party or the association of parties in the upcoming Saeima elections on which they have voted before at the 9th Saeima elections.

Saab to collaborate with BMW

53% of the inhabitants consider the country’s situation stable

Over the month the number of people who consider that the country's economic situation is improving, has grown by one percentage, while 53% of the respondents are of the opinion that the situation in the country is stable.

Gold and silver versus inflation

At a time when the inflation is flat throughout the world, the gold and silver prices have increased significantly. This could mean that people do not have any confidence in the currency.

Prices in Lithuania raised by traders not producers

The traders rather than producers raise prices in Lithuania, said the Lithuanian Minister of Economics Dainius Kreivys. His opinion was also supported by the Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius.

Non-bank loan rates drop by 30%

The number of companies issuing loans with the help of messages or the Internet has grown recently. The interest rates have fallen on average by 30% and the maximum amount to be lent also diminishes.

Kalvins: pharmaceutical companies do not want to cooperate

In order to create a billions of lats worth medicinal product in the Latvian pharmaceutical sector, a cooperation between enterprises and political commitment is necessary.

Muceniece: business tax burden should not be increased

The tax rates could be reconsidered, raising some tax rates and reducing others; thus it would be possible to reach total tax burden reduction, considers the Chairperson of the Latvian Taxpayers Association Board Dana Muceniece.

Six moths delay of payment - for 14.6% of borrowers

Amongst the obligations with delays in payment, the largest proportion are those that have been delayed for more than 180 days or about half a year – 231 776 obligations or 14.6%.

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