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Monday 17.12.2018 | Name days: Teiksma, Hilda

CRPC fines Rime Latvia EUR 20,000 for unfair sticker campaign

Latvia’s Consumer Rights Protection Centre has fined Rimi Latvia EUR 20,000. CRPC believes Rimi had misled buyers about the discount offered for Bosch goods during a sticker collection campaign.

KPV LV leader: we need to reassess the duties of law enforcement institutions

It is necessary to perform an audit of duties of certain law enforcement institutions, said KPV LV prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

Brazilian presidential election won by reformer Jair Bolsonaro

In the Brazilian presidential election, right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro has won, promising sweeping change as to the way the world's eighth-largest economy is currently managed.

Georgia's presidential election to continue with run-off

The next President of Georgia will be selected in a second round after neither of the leading candidates have secured the majority of voter support in the first round held on Sunday, October 28.

Week’s beginning to be chilly in Latvia, whereas mid-week air temperature may yet reach +15° C

Monday’s weather in Latvia will be dictated by the south, south-western part of an active anticyclone. The sun will appear every now and again between the clouds. Latgale, on the other hand, may experience snow.

Political parties in Latvia agree on the need for territorial reforms

Four political parties have reached an agreement in regards to the need for territorial reforms in Latvia. This is why it is necessary to work with determination to ensure that the 2021 municipal elections also take place in new counties, said co-chairman of Attīstībai/Par! Juris Pūce.

Who could take the wheel in Saeima? Politicians have different opinions about the new Praesidium

Political parties in Latvia expect different outcomes, including a temporary solution and the possibility of preserving the current team governing the Saeima. The 13th Saeima will gather for its first meeting 6 November. Politicians doubt the new government will have been formed by then.

Reminder! Transition to winter time to happen this Sunday

28 October marks the end of daylight savings time in Latvia and elsewhere in the world. This is when all clocks are to be turned one hour back, Latvian Economy Ministry reminds.

SEA criticized for surface evaluation of public procurement contenders

On 24 October, Latvian Competition Council’s representatives met their counterparts from Welfare Ministry’s and State Employment Agency to discuss the responsibility of procurement tender organizers on identifying and reporting cartel agreements to authorities.

Video consultations with doctors offered by Estonian online platform

An innovative telemedical service has been launched in Estonia, where certified doctors from general practicioners to psychoterapists offer help in pre-scheduled individual consultations, improving access to doctors to rural population and expats.

Russia pushes for UN resolution to keep nuclear arms treaty alive

The U.S. has rejected Russia's draft resolution to the UN General Assembly that offered to preserve the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) that the U.S. plans to leave, AFP reported citing diplomatic sources.

NCP leader believes Latvian parties can organize before nomination of a new prime minister

Political parties could agree on the formation of a new government before the nomination of the new prime minister, says board chairman of the New Conservative Party Jānis Bordāns.

November’s beginning promises more sunlight that last days of October in Latvia

Weather in Latvia at the end of this week will be dictated by a new cyclone, which will start moving from the Baltic Sea to the east on Saturday, 27 October. The cyclone will also bring precipitation – rain, with a possibility of wet snow, as reported by Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

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