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Tuesday 23.04.2019 | Name days: Jurģis, Juris, Georgs

Committee: funding for innovations should be no lower than 25% of the total envelope

Funding for research and innovations in the next planning period should be below 25% of the total EU fund envelope. It is preferable for funding to reach 40%. This was unanimously supported by Saeima’s Sustainable Development Committee during a meeting on Wednesday, 27 February.

Saeima: Latvia’s 2019 budget couple be approved around April

Latvia’s budget of 2019 approval in the final reading is planned for the first week of April, said head of Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee Mārtiņš Bondars after meeting with Finance Minister Jānis Reirs on Wednesday, 27 February.

Lido invests EUR 10,000 in new equipment and products

Lido restaurant network has invested EUR 10,000 to procure new cooking equipment and develop new products, as confirmed by Lido representatives.

Construction costs in Latvia down 0.2% in January

Compared to December 2018, the level of construction costs in Latvia reduced by 0.2 % in January 2019. Prices of building materials had decreased by 0.5 %, while labour remuneration of workers and maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment grew by 0.1 %.

Survey: last year’s best development in agriculture – compensation for floods

According to Latvia farmers, the best thing to have happened in the industry last year was state support for the losses caused by floods in 2017 (47.8%), whereas the worst development in 2018 was the lasting drought and consequences it had caused (82.3%), according to results of Swedbank survey.

Opinion: Citadele Bank wants to be active on the stock market

Citadele Bank wants to become active on the stock market, says the bank’s governor Guntis Beļavskis.

Ombudsman on taxes: give with one hand and take with the other

«Give with one hand and take with the other,» said ombudsman Juris Jansons, commenting on Latvia’s last tax reform in his interview to LNT programme 900 seconds.

UK clarifies next Brexit steps and their consequences

British Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to offer the country's parliament a vote on delaying the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union or ruling out a no-deal Brexit, if they reject her deal in March.

Prime minister: municipalities could provide money for teachers’ wages

Money for teachers’ wages could be taken from funding intended for municipalities, such as the municipal finance equalization fund, said Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš in an interview to LNT programme 900 seconds.

Latvian government approves amendments to improve measures against avian influenza

Latvian government has approved amendments developed by Agriculture Ministry on liquidation of risks of avian influenza, as confirmed by the ministry.

Latvian government to attract USD 400,000 to improve ambulance infrastructure

To make sure Latvian Emergency Medical Service is able to receive financing from USA to improve infrastructure, the Latvian state plans to take on co-financing of associated projects, according to the report compiled by Healthcare Ministry reviewed by the government on Tuesday, 26 February.

Tosmare shipbuilding factory on sale for EUR 2.163 million

Insolvency administrator of the bankrupt Tosmare shipbuilding factory Ivars Meļķis has put up the company’s owned ship repair and shipbuilding factory for EUR 2.164 million, according to published announcement on the media.

Bank: 76% Latvian small and medium businesses till focus on employee retention

«Considering the tense situation on the labour market, 76% of Latvian small and medium-sized companies will focus on employee retention. This situation is similar to Lithuania and Estonia, where employee retention has been named a priority for 73% and 78% of businesses,» SEB Bank experts say.