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Saturday 22.09.2018 | Name days: Maigurs, Mārica, Māris

Construction Law to be softened to avoid shortage of construction specialist in the future

Latvia’s Economy Ministry has submitted for review amendments to the Construction Law to prevent a shortage of construction specialists in the future.

UN addresses torture and death cases in Russian prisons

U.N. human rights monitors called on Russian justice officials to prosecute alleged widespread use of torture against prisoners, naming as examples beatings, electric shock attacks or burial in snow at labour camps in Siberia.

FCMC: violation committed in Nasdaq CSD SE Baltic Joint Depositary

Latvia’s Finance and Capital Market Commission has recorded a violation in Nasdaq CSD SE Baltic Joint Depositary, because the incident in the data centre made it impossible for Nasdaq CSD SE to perform its main functions for longer than two hours, as confirmed by the commission.

EU-U.S. trade dispute calmed with soy beans import from U.S.

The European Commission has managed to secure an agreement with the U.S. that would keep Washington from imposing duty tariffs on European Union's auto exports to the U.S., calming down a trade dispute between the two economies.

Putting out peat fire in Valdgale will require waiting for autumn rainfall

In spite of use of helicopters, the only way to liquidate the peat fire in Valdgale County is waiting for autumn rainfall, says State Fire and Rescue Service representative Inta Palkavniece.

Latvia’s Security Police checks Russian agent Butina’s relation to Latvia

Latvia’s Security Police has commenced an inspection about Russian agent Marija Butina’s possible relation with Latvia.

World largest water temperature anomaly observed in Baltic Sea

The steepest water temperature deviation is currently observed in the Baltic Sea, where water temperature is more than five degrees above the annual average index, according to information published by Denmark’s Meteorology Institute.

Expert: residents’ purchasing power – with a stable plus sign

Latvia’s economic growth in recent years has had an effect not only on the capital but also residents’ purchasing power. Local businesses’ economic activity gas increased in regions and other cities in Latvia.

Opinion: municipalities’ involvement in tourism business puts at risk local entrepreneurs

By founding their own companies and becoming involved in tourism business, municipalities often put at risk domestic entrepreneurship in regions, said chairperson of Rural Traveller tourism association Asnāte Ziemele in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

Latvia’s State Forests: more helicopters needed to handle large-scale fires

Latvia requires additional funding to afford additional helicopters to be able to handle large-scale fires, says Latvia’s State Forests Representative Zigmunds Jaunķiķis.

Spain picks up over 400 migrants in Mediterranean in one day

Spanish sea rescuers have stated that they had picked up over 400 migrants from the Mediterranean in one day as they had been on the way to Spanish mainland.

Latvia wants to form two anti-doping committees

During a government meeting, officials approved Healthcare Ministry’s developed project of rules that provide for forming a Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee and Therapeutic Use Exceptions Committee, as well as establish terms for both committee members.

Latvian government supports initiative to donate food to charity

On Tuesday, 24 July, Latvia’s government supported amendments put together by Agriculture Ministry to Law on the Supervision of the Handling of Food. These amendments permit donating food to charity after reaching minimal expiry term.

Fire fighters in Valdgale find remains of man-made fire within peat bog perimeter

While inspecting areas within the secure perimeter in Valdgale County on Monday, 23 July, fire fighters found evidence of man-made and, possibly, malicious fire-starting, said Interior Affairs Minister Rihards Kozlovskis after a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Overpaid tax may be returned to residents automatically

Saeima’s Mandate, Ethics and Submissions Committee plans for an electronic system that would automatically pay back residents’ overpaid taxes starting from 2021, as confirmed by the committee’s Chairman Vitālijs Orlovs.

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