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Ceturtdiena 17.10.2019 | Name days: Karīna, Gaits

Estonia probes alleged EU fund fraud at Taltech university

Estonian prosecutors have opened criminal proceedings over possible fraud involving European Union funding in the Tallinn University of Technology on basis of whistleblower and press information, reported Estonian public broadcaster ERR.

Latvian corruption watchdog fines firefighter chief for hunters in premises

The Latvian corruption watchdog has fined the chief of the State Fire and Rescue Service and two more officials of the body for allowing a fire station to be used by a hunters’ club in the countryside.

Lithuania, unlike other Baltics, not to develop ground drones in EU project

As Estonia will lead a European Union’s project to develop a modular unmanned ground system with Latvia and five other member states, Lithuania has refused, due to costs.

Half of Latvians trust EU, poll by European Commission finds

The proportion of Latvians trusting the European Union is on a rise, surpassing 50%, showed an opinion poll by the European Commission on the life in the EU.

Germany investigates murder of Chechen; Russian cyclist-gunman arrested

A Chechen gets shot dead in a Berlin park as a cyclist fires to shots – this is a crime currently investigated by German police and the suspect is a Russian passport holder.

No competition for Latvian top police posts, minister says

In the Latvian state police, currently, there is no competition – the view was expressed by Latvian Interior Minister Sandis Ģirģens on Tuesday, April 27, in interview with LNT news programme 900 sekundes.

Financial Times ranks Vilnius in top 10 of cities for fintech companies

The Lithuanian capital has been included by Financial Times outlet fDi in its Fintech Locations of the Future 2019/20 as one of the 10 leading cities able to attract foreign investment in the field as well as in cost effectiveness.

U.S. fighting its opioid crisis fines Johnson & Johnson with USD 572 million

As the U.S. seeks to contain the widespread abuse of addictive opioid medications, a judge in the state of Oklahoma has ruled Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries helped fuel the state’s opioid crisis and ordered the company to pay USD 572 million.

No clarity over next lawyer of Lembergs

The Riga District Court did not clarify in the criminal proceedings against the mayor of the Latvian port city Ventspils, Aivars Lembergs, who is charged with serious crimes and has been suspended from office, who will be his next lawyer.

Latvian taxes should not be raised to fund ministry wishes, says FM

Latvian Finance Minister Jānis Reirs has stated that in preparing the 2020 budget, no taxes should be changed to fund the wishes by ministries, Reirs said in an interview with the LTV news programme Rīta Panorāma.

Last summer week to start on sunny side in Latvia

In Latvia, the first half of this week, the sun is expected to shine often and temperatures are forecast to be warm, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

European countries agree to take in migrants not welcome in Italy, Malta

A part of European Union member states have agreed to accept 356 African migrants aboard the rescue ship Ocean Viking, which is in the Mediterranean and has not been allowed to stop in Italy or Malta.