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Monday 18.02.2019 | Name days: Kintija, Kora

UK working to exit the EU in March

British Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed her determination to deliver Brexit on time and would continue ahead of talks on the arrangement of the Northern Ireland border.

Kremlin also pulls out of nuclear arms treaty, following U.S. move

Responding to a decision by the U.S. to suspend its participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty, Russia has announced a similar move that has raised fears of a Cold War-era arms race. Washington on Saturday formally suspended its obligations from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.

Minister: fixed tariff could be implemented for taxis working at Riga airport

To finally resolve the problematic situation with taxi services at Riga International Airport it may be a good idea to implement fixed prices for taxis carrying passengers from there, says Latvia’s Transport Minister Tālis Linkaits.

Meat of sick livestock from Poland delivered to Lido restaurant

A small amount of meat from sick livestock from Poland has been found in a Lido restaurant, as confirmed by Chief of Latvian Food and Veterinary Service’s Public Relations Office Ilze Meistere.

Baltic prime ministers to meet in Riga next week

On Monday, 4 February, there will be a meeting of Baltic prime ministers at Art Museum Riga Bourse.

Latvian Border Guard apprehends 29 border jumpers

On Thursday, 31 January, Latvia’s State Border Guard officers apprehended a total of 29 perpetrators on the country’s external borders and internal territories.

EPP chairman: it is better to reform EU than to ruin it

It would be better to reform the European Union than leaving or ruining it, says European People’s Party group chairman in the European Parliament Manfred Weber.

Precipitation and thaw expected in Latvia at the end of the week

On Friday, 1 February, thaw will appear during the day, which will remain for the end of the week. Precipitation is also expected in most of the country – snow, wet snow and even rain.

Latvian police allow there may be more detainees in Koknese cocaine case

Latvian State Police allow that the number of detainees in the Koknese cocaine case could increase soon.

Changes to consumer loan data circulation come to force in Latvia

January 2019 marked the coming into force of amendments to legislation that detail the duty for all lenders to exchange information about consumers’ loan data, as reported by Credit Information Bureau.

Airbus computer systems hacked, European airplane giant says

Airplane, defence and space technology producer Airbus has found cases of data access violations, but insists the cyber attack had not affected it commercial activities.

Ministry: volunteer work at state social care centres is valuable

At the end of 2017, Latvia’s Welfare Ministry invited residents to become volunteers in state social care centres with children. Since then, many have applied for work: 258 have submitted applications as volunteers, 204 of which have become employees and 50 continue working as volunteers.

EU not convinced by May's efforts to renegotiate Irish backstop in Brexit deal

The EU's main negotiator Michel Barnier has stated that the Irish backstop intended as an insurance policy for the border in with the Northern Ireland that cannot be deleted or changed in the UK's Brexit deal and will not be renegotiated.

Take #2: opposition collects signatures to repeat Ušakovs’ dismissal vote

Opposition parties in Riga City Council have collected the necessary number of votes to once again request the organization of an extraordinary meeting to hold a vote on dismissal of Riga’s Mayor Nils Ušakovs, as confirmed by National Alliance’s faction representative Edvards Ratnieks.

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