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Friday 24.01.2020 | Name days: Krišs, Eglons, Ksenija

Association leader: doctors are not prepared for a compromise solution

In attempts to resolve the healthcare financing problem in Latvia, healthcare workers are not ready to accept the government’s proposed compromises, said board chairman of Latvian Association of Young Doctors Kārlis Rācenis in an interview to public broadcaster LTV programme Panorāma.

Poll: Lithuanians and Estonians top list of illegal online content users

Young adults in Lithuania and Estonia have the worst ethics in deliberate accessing of illegal download sources in the European Union, showed the results of a poll conducted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The EUIPO study surveyed people between 15 and 24 from 28 EU countries

Doctor earns up to EUR 39 000 working in the public and private sector

Some Latvian doctor earns approximately EUR 39 000 by working in the public and private sector, according to information from LETA.

Washington informs UN about leaving Paris climate deal

Washington has informed the UN about the United States leaving the historic Paris climate deal despite being one of the largest emitters of climate-changing greenhouse gases.

Estonian growth is slowing central bank agrees to IMF findings

The head of the Bank of Estonia has accepted the findings of the International Monetary Fund that the growth of the Estonian economy is slower in pace. The slowdown, should, however, lead to a cut in inflation, the official added.

JRT reconstruction funds to be diverted to cover losses in public transport

The EUR 7 million allocated from the budget to finance reconstruction of New Riga Theatre are planned to be diverted to Transport Ministry in the form of grants to cover losses in public transport service sector, according to the 5 November agenda of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Manufacturing industry output in Latvia increases 3.1% in September

Compared to September 2018, industrial production output grew by 7.3 % in September 2019, according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices.

Counselling provided to 127 gambling addicts in Latvia in past four months

In four months’ time, since the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection has commenced state-funded free psychologist services to people to help them overcome their gambling addiction, a total of 214 certified psychology consultations have been provided, as reported by Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection.

Shareholder’s promise: Rīgas satiksme will be made to calculate possible losses

Shareholder of Riga municipality’s public transport company Rīgas satiksme Vadims Baraņņiks promises to make the company calculate possible losses the company may have suffered from decisions made by the previous board, as reported by LTV programme De Facto.

Tallinn to lift kindergarten lunch pay, while kindergarten place fee to remain

The Estonian capital will cover lunch payments in kindergartens from 2020, while the fee for sending a child to kindergarten is to remain in place, Tallinn mayor Mihhail Kõlvart has confirmed.

Major hospitals in Latvia consider themselves transparent

Referencing the government’s opinion voiced in the public space about problems with Latvia’s healthcare system, Latvian Association of Large Hospitals objects to such a rhetoric and calls claims unjustified, adding that those are nothing more than a goal to distract society form the true cause of problems.

Saeima’s Legal Affairs Office warns about potentially anti-Constitutional initiative

Before deciding on Welfare Ministry’s offer to reduce the length of payment period for unemployed benefits and their size, Latvia’s Saeima deputies are urged to check the legislative draft’s compliance with the Constitution, as concluded by Saeima’s Legal Affairs Office.

Weather in Latvia expected to be rainy and snowy this week

At the beginning of the week, the sky in Latvia will be cloudy and rainy: precipitation is expected to be heavy in some areas, as the volume of precipitation expected on Monday and the night to Tuesday may reach 15-20 mm, as reported by by Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Riga’s budget expenditure reduction was possible at expense of investments projects

Riga City Council supported amendments to the 2019 budget, securing a reduction of expenditures by EUR 33.34 million at the expense of investment projects. Revenue increase is estimated at EUR 8.62 million for next year.

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