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Monday 19.08.2019 | Name days: Melānija, Imanta

State Audit warns – situation with use of development funding critical in Latvia

A critical situation has emerged in Latvia in relation to planning and use of development funding, as concluded by State Audit in its annual report on correctness of institutions’ accounts for 2018.

Not OK. France’s Le Pen after Estonia visit asks to delete controversial selfie

Marine Le Pen, the founder of French right-wing National Rally party, has visited Estonia to meet with the Conservative People's Party of Estonia. Following the meeting, she has asked an Estonian MP to remove a joint photo showing a sign increasingly perceived as a white supremacist gesture.

Dividing taxes in Latvia: lion’s share for social sector; leftovers given to environment

Latvian Finance Ministry’s compiled data shows that the lion’s share of one euro paid in taxes – 37.6 cents – is diverted to social security in 2019: disability, retirement, family and unemployed persons allowances.

Latvian minister voices concerns over questionably spent EUR 912 124

Healthcare Ministry’s ordered assessment reports on previously performed information and communication technology tenders contain concerns in regards to fraud and inefficient use of funds, said Latvian Healthcare Minister Ilze Viņķele at a press conference on 15 May.

Grey economy proportion in Latvia reaches nearly a quarter of GDP

In 2018, Latvia’s grey economy ratio grew 2.2 percentage points and reached 24.2% of the country’s GDP, as reported by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga Sustainable Business Centre’s director Arnis Sauka on Wednesday, 15 May.

British MPs plan to reject May’s Brexit offer in June

Decisive groups in the British parliament have showed unity in being opposed to the European Union withdrawal agreement the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister plans to put once again for vote in June.

Corruption watchdog sinks teeth deep into Riga Tourism Development Bureau

Latvia’s Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has detained Riga Tourism Development Bureau’s head Inguna Priedīte.

Facebook tightening Live streaming rules over Christchurch terror attack

Facebook has decided to introduce restrictions to its Live video feature in response to criticism the company has faced over a user streaming the Christchurch terror attack earlier in 2019.

Latvian minister says territorial reform will help reduce administrative costs

The planned territorial reform will help reduce administrative costs, as Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Juris Pūce told public broadcaster LTV programme Rīta Panorāma on Wednesday, 15 May.

FinCEN still has not approved Latvian ABLV Bank’s liquidation model

U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network distances from Latvian Finance and Capital Market Commission’s statement regarding the coordinated liquidation model for ABLV Bank, as noted by the US Embassy in Latvia.

UK’s May warned by fellow Conservatives of fruitless Brexit talks with opposition

As the United Kingdom’s two largest parties have been trying to break the deadlock over UK’s future relationship with the European Union, the inner opposition of the ruling Conservatives insist a new deal could lose their support in parliament.

Latvian government drops support for divided healthcare system

When amending Healthcare Financing Law on 14 May, Latvian government supported Healthcare Minister Ilze Viņķele’s offer to not divide healthcare accessibility into two «baskets» of services.

Appreciate family over money, career, encourages Estonian Population Minister

Estonian government has a Minister of Population. Riina Solman, current holder of the post believes the state should encourage people towards having more children, by introducing policies that support large families.