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Monday 30.03.2020 | Name days: Nanija, Ilgmārs, Igmārs

Influenza epidemic ends in Latvia

Latvia’s Disease Prevention and Monitoring Centre reports the end of the influenza epidemic as of 19 March. SPKC Influenza and Acute Upper Respiratory Infections monitoring data shows that in the past two weeks the number of patients clinically diagnosed with influenza has not exceeded 100 cases per 100 000 residents.

Study: new coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days

The new coronavirus Covid-19 can survive on surfaces for days and in the air for several hours, as outlined in the 17 March study published by US researchers.

Latvian state to finance 75% of wages for employees of industries hit by Covid-19 the most

For industries hit by Covid-19 coronavirus the most Latvian state will provide funding to pay 75% of wages to people employed in those industries. The ceiling for this will be set at EUR 700, said Finance Minister Jānis Reirs after a government meeting on Tuesday, 17 March.

Average number of vacant jobs in Latvia up 28.1% in 2019

In 2019 there were 29.1 thousand job vacancies in Latvia, which is 6.4 thousand vacancies or 28.1 % more than in 2018. In public sector there were 8.3 thousand and in private sector 20.9 thousand job vacancies.

Riga Tourism Development Bureau starts working on industry restoration plan

To reduce the consequences of the crisis and provide support to the tourism industry, Riga Tourism Development Bureau has composed a Crisis Management Council of its own and has commenced work on a tourism industry restoration plan, as reported by RTAB board chairman Jānis Jenzis.

Catering company Lido temporarily shuts down operations

Latvian catering company Lido has temporarily shut down all operations, as confirmed by the company.

VDD: continued search for cross-border cooperation with Russia creates intelligence risks

Latvian municipalities continue looking for options to perform cross-border cooperation with Russia. Among those projects there are significant intelligence risks, according to the report for 2019 from Latvia’s State Security Service.

Economist: it is not yet possible to survey the entire necessary state support volume

Currently it is not possible to estimate the entire necessary support volume to help overcome the crisis caused by Covid-19 and the range of potential support recipients is in the early stages of compilation, says SEB Bank economist Dainis Gašpuitis.

EU to prohibit unimportant trips to the bloc for 30 days

The European Union will prohibit unimportant trips to the bloc from countries not part of the EU for 30 days to limit the spread of coronavirus, as announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday, 17 March.

Latvian government supports postponing Riga City Council’s snap elections until 6 June

Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers decided to support Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry’s proposal to postpone Riga City Council snap elections until 6 June.

Latvian Railway requests EUR 40.8 million from state budget to finance operations

Latvian Railway requires EUR 25 million from Latvia’s state budget to balance finances in 2020 and EUR 15.8 million to compensate ineligible costs for public transport services this year, says LDz representative Ella Pētermane.

Labour costs in Latvia per hour increase 7.7%

Compared to Q4 2018, hourly labour costs rose by 7.7 % or 70 cents, reaching EUR 9.76 in Q4 2019. Seasonally adjusted data comprised 7.5 %.

Countries that have adopted travel restrictions

Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has compiled a list of countries that have adopted travel restrictions. This information is subject to change, which is why the ministry invites following possible updates.

Maxima introduces additional measures to prevent Covid-19 spread

From Monday, 16 March, onward, major social distance restrictions are adopted for supermarket administration and within supermarkets, as confirmed by Maxima Latvija communications manager Liene Dubate-Ugule.

Covid-19 infection numbers reach 18 in Lithuania, 49 in Latvia, and 255 in Estonia

The number of coronavirus Covid-19 infection cases in Lithuania has reached 18, as reported by Lithuanian public media LRT.

Three VUGD officials detained over suspicions of fraud

The Internal Security Bureau has detained three State Fire and Rescue Service officials over possible fraud in an organized group, as confirmed by the bureau.

Kristīne Misāne presented with charges in Latvia

Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne, who previously faced extradition to the South African Republic, has been presented charges in Latvia, as reported by LTV.

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