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Wednesday 01.04.2020 | Name days: Dagne, Dagnis

Coronavirus continues spreading in Baltics. 180 in Latvia, 143 in Lithuania, 352 in Estonia

The number of confirmed Covid-19 coronavirus cases in Latvia has reached 180. Lithuanian media, meanwhile, reports 143 confirmed cases.

Latvian Prime Minister’s and several ministers’ Covid-19 test results turn out negative

Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš’s, as well as Nauris Puntulis', Sandis Ģirģens’, Ramona Petraviča’s, Ilga Šuplinska’s, Jānis Bordāns’, Jānis Reirs’, and Juris Pūce test results for Covid-19 turned out negative.

Total number of Covid-19 victims exceeds 10 000 in the world

The total number of deaths caused by Covid-19 coronavirus around the world has exceeded 10 000, according to data compiled by AFP.

Saeima’s Budget Committee supports postponing snap elections in Riga until June

On Friday, 20 March, Latvian Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee supported in the first reading the proposal to postpone snap elections in Riga until 6 June, BNN was told by the parliament’s press-service.

Industrial producer prices in Latvia down 1.9% in February

Compared to January, in February 2020 the level of producer prices in Latvian industry fell by 0.3 %. Prices of products sold on the domestic market reduced by 0.2 %, but prices of exported products – by 0.4 %.

Latvian authorities dismantle cocaine-smuggling criminal group

This month the State Revenue Service’s Tax and Customs Police successfully apprehended an organized group of people laundering money gained for narcotics contraband, as confirmed by VID.

Russia lifts all sanctions on imports of essential goods

The Russian government has announced the lifting of all its restrictions for imports of essential goods for one month from Friday, March 20, according to the Russian state news agency TASS.

Infection rates in Baltics. 111 in Latvia, 48 in Lithuania, 283 in Estonia

In Latvia the number of Covid-19 infection cases has exceeded one hundred, reaching a total of 111 confirmed infection cases. Lithuania’s Healthcare Ministry reports 48 confirmed cases.

Covid-19 crisis has disrupted at least 1 600 culture and entertainment events in Latvia

The spread of the new coronavirus in Latvia and the state of emergency that followed after has disrupted at least 1 600 entertainment and culture events, according to estimates from Latvia’s Culture Ministry.

Sweden’s Swedbank receives a fine of EUR 360 million

Sweden’s Swedbank has been applied with a fine of EUR 360 million for problems with its internal control system and management, as reported by the bank.

Latvia pushes law on support to prevent Covid-19 damages; state to pay idleness benefits

On Thursday, 19 March, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers supported Finance Ministry’s developed legislative draft on threats to the state and measures to prevent the damages from Covid-19 and to limit its spread. The law outlines a wide range of state support measures. This includes paying idleness benefits to employed people.

Russia reports first death from Covid-19

On Thursday, 19 March, Russian authorities reported the first case of death from Covid-19.

Potential coronavirus medicine fails to prevent Covid-19-indused heavy pneumonia

Medical tests of an anti-virus medicine potentially accessible in Latvia revealed it does not help with heavy pneumonia cases, as Healthcare Ministry’s chief infectology specialist Uga Dumpis wrote on Twitter.

Latvian government compiles all support measures for Covid-19-related damages in one law

Latvia’s government has developed a unified legislative draft about threats to the state and prevention of consequences from coronavirus Covid-19, as reported by Finance Ministry.

Churches to open up again under strict conditions

Churches in Latvia will not be closed for individual visitors as long as the number of simultaneous visitors does not exceed 50, according to Latvian Justice Ministry’s and religious organizations’ agreement, as confirmed by the ministry’s representative Lana Mauliņa.

Situation with Covid-19 stable in Latvia, but it may «quiet before the storm»

The situation with coronavirus Covid-19 in Latvia is stable now, but it may be only «quiet before the storm», said the head doctor of Latvia’s Infectology Centre Baiba Rozentāle in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorama on 19 March.

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