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Wednesday 20.03.2019 | Name days: Made, Irbe

De Facto: Ušakovs’ press-secretary received money from Rīgas satiksme

For nearly three years Riga City Council Public Relations Office head Laila Ivāna and several other city council employees were paid wages in Rīgas satiksme, LTV programme De Facto reports.

In pictures: Tornadoes in U.S. south cause «mass fatality situation»

Tornadoes in southern U.S. have caused damage taking the lives of not less than 23 people, according to local police in the state of Alabama.

Air temperature in Latvia to be positive this week; rain and strong wind to appear, too

Weather in Latvia this week will be dictated by activity of several cyclones – rain and strong wind are expected. Air temperature will be above 0° C. The only exception will be the evening of Tuesday and Wednesday, when air temperature is expected to drop below 0° C, meteorologists predict.

Week in Lithuania. Supreme Court apologises for «lost trust in justice»

Lithuania's Supreme Court on Thursday, February 28, issued an apology to the public for lost trust in justice amid an ongoing investigation into judicial corruption, also adding that honest judges have also been affected by comments criticising the judicial system.

Latvian ministry ordered to pay EUR 9.3 million to construction companies

Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court has partially satisfied the plea submitted by National Association of Construction Companies, which is responsible for the construction of Latvia’s National Library, and has enforced from Latvia’s Culture Ministry EUR 9,272,319.

Platform created to improve equality on the labour market

A virtual labour market Openness is Treasure was created on Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March, during a gathering of dozens of companies.

Average earnings before taxes in Latvia were EUR 1,004 in 2018

In 2018 the average gross wages and salaries for full-time work in Latvia comprised EUR 1,004. Compared to 2017, average wages and salaries rose by EUR 78 or 8.4 %, moreover in all economic activities.

SKDS: three quarters of smokers have no plans to drop smoking

61% of smokers living in Latvia have no plans to replace cigarettes with alternatives less hazardous for human health, as determined by a survey performed by SKDS.

Swedbank Estonia possibly been used to move massive «hidden» sums, media report

Cyprus coal trader Carbo One has been a key corporate client of Swedbank Estonia with transfers exceeding a billion euros and Russia's billionaire Iskander Makhmudov has allegedly transferred huge sums through «shadow» accounts despite a lack of official links to the coal firm, Estonia's Postimees and Swedish SVT report.

Latvian Saeima allocates EUR 2.8 million for housing support programme

As part of the housing support programme for families with children it is planned to allocate new guarantees worth EUR 2.8 million.

Survey: 66% of travellers avoid areas at risk of terrorist attacks and natural disasters

When travelling, most Latvian residents always try to avoid destinations suffering from armed conflicts or natural catastrophes, SIA Latvia Tours representative comments on information from Latvia Tours Travel Index.

Judge: European court’s priority in Rimšēvičs’ case was ensuring ECB’s independence

When evaluating the criminal case launched against bribery accused Bank of Latvia governor Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, as well as the prohibition for him to perform his duties, the Court of Justice of the European Union took into account that the accused is not only an official of the Bank of Latvia but the European Central Bank as well, comments chairperson of the Constitutional Court of Latvia Ineta Ziemele.

Weekends expected to be chilly in Latvia; air temperature to drop to -13° C

Friday, 1 March, will be chilly in Latvia – air temperature in eastern regions will drop to -8° C at night. Daytime air temperature will also be low. Saturday night will be even colder: air temperature is expected to drop as far as -10° C… -13° C, meteorologists say.

Economist: surge in construction causes Latvia’s GDP to go up

«Exceeding optimistic outlooks and in spite of developments in the finance sector Latvia’s GDP had growth 4.8% last year. This increase came largely as a result of a rapid surge in the country’s construction sector,» comments SEB Bank economist Dainis Gašpuitis.

PUC: residents do not often complain about internet, TV and mobile services

The number of residents who complain to the Public Utilities Commission about electronic communication services – internet, TV and mobile communications – had dropped last year, as reported by PUC.