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Monday 19.11.2018 | Name days: Liza, Līze, Elizabete, Betija

Former Saeima member: Latvia losing its brand along with bright people

Latvia lacks clear foreign policy, as the Foreign Affairs Ministry is functioning but still its comments come too late and they are to poor in contents as well, says Vaira Paegle, the former Saeima deputy.

64% want visa-free regime with Russia

The majority (64%) of the economically active population in Latvia support introduction of a visa-free regime with Russia, according to TNS Latvia and LNT study.

airBaltic no longer to use Fokker 50 aircraft

Latvian national airline airBaltic is planning to abandon over 20-years-old Fokker 50 aircraft that will go on their last flights already this winter, instead of the previously planned 2013, says Bertolt Flick, airBaltic President.

15% prefer 10th Saeima to 9th

Nearly half a year after the 10th Saeima elections, the residents of Latvia regard its performance as worse than the one of the 8th and 9th parliament convocations.

Estonian Transit Centre opens a branch in Latvia

Transit Centre plans to purchase a terminal in Freeport of Riga to manage the flourishing trade.

Latvian government debt - 5.325 billion lats

Governmental and municipal debt grew up to 5.325 billion lats in June. Having hit 5.103 billion lats in late May, it now has climbed 222 million lats, accounting for a rise of 244.4 million lats since the beginning of the year.

Bank of Latvia President: national economy - if not now, when?

Latvia is now on the home straight, but still it is going to be yet another crossroads for the Latvian national economy, as each wrong step and hesitation will cost very much, says Ilmars Rimsevics, Bank of Latvia President.

Latvia town Carnikava introduces new tourism duty

A town in Latvia Carnikava has introduced a new duty on tourism, while businessmen are taken by surprise and are planning to fight for revocation of it.

Brent crude still keeps dropping

Brent crude dropped to 117 US dollars as of Monday, July 18, amid the ongoing debt crisis in Europe and the United States of America, while U.S investors are still being cautious about risky assets.

16% of citizens want to see new faces in Zatlers party

16% of all the economically active citizens of Latvia aged 18-55 want to see new faces joining the political party of Latvia ex-president - Zatlers Reform Party.

S&P warns U.S of possible downgrade

International rating agency Standard & Poor's could slash the United States of America excellent sovereign debt rating by a notch or two by the end of July if no agreement of the debt ceiling increase is reached by August 2.

Swedbank expert: many to live in poverty in future

If there are no sharp changes of the current situation, future pensioners will receive even smaller pensions than the ones today, says Harijs Svarcs, Swedbank expert.

14.68 million m3 trees to be felled in first-half-year

The total amount of trees to be felled in the first-half-year of 2011 amounts to 14.68 million cubic meters, which is 2.26 million m3 more than it was planned in the same period a year earlier, the State Forests Agency told the business news portal BNN.

Minister: international funding needed for shale gas extraction research

To investigate the possibility of extracting shale gas within Latvia’s territory, it is necessary to look for opportunities to attract international funding, Raimonds Vējonis, Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, said after visiting the U.S. and learning about its experience.

SEB: eurozone crisis far from being over

Eurozone crisis is deteriorating and there is systematic risk in the single currency block, following many troubled countries' sovereign debt ratings slashed recently, SEB experts say.

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