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Sunday 26.05.2019 | Name days: Varis, Eduards, Edvards

Passenger carriers: we no longer have any spending to cut

It is planned that the state funds allocated to bus passenger carries will be slashed five million lats in 2012, but we no longer have any spending to cut, says Ivo Osenieks, director of the Association of Latvian Passenger Carriers.

Latvijas Krajbanka work suspended

Financial and Capital Market Commission suspended work of Latvijas Krajbanka on November 21. The decision came after shortage of funds was discovered. The General Prosecutor's Office has been notified.

Riga budget deficit to be slashed 20 million lats

Riga budget deficit will be cut 20 million lats down to 34.6 million lats, which is 8% of the city's revenues. Savings will make up no less than 25 million lats in late 2012, according to Riga City Council.

Business crediting sees stabilization

Better Latvian companies' competitiveness and positive export dynamics have activated collaboration between banks and businesses - the balance of loans issued to non-financial companies has been growing for the fourth straight month.

Mexican drug cartel launders money via Latvian banks

When researching offshore companies, the broadcast Nekā Personīga journalists came across offshore "footprints" in a massive drug business in Mexico. US Miami court ruled a year ago that one of the leading US banks Wachovia has to be punished for concealing 378 billion dollars owned by Mexican drug lords.

NATO to conduct flying training above Latvia

On 21 and 22 November, the tenth Baltic Region Training Event will take place in the airspace above Latvia and Lithuania. “The focus of BRTE X is on demonstrating and practising regional air integration,” says Group Captain Stephen Richards.

Hazan: another 100 000 people to leave Latvia

100 000 people in total will keep emigrating from Latvia for yet another three to four years, says Michael Hazan, winner of this year’s economics prize Spīdola.

Foreigners buying up Latvian forests

Just a couple of years ago, foreigners were not among the leading private owners of Latvian forest land. Back then, they mostly owned rural land, but the situation has changed now. In 2011, foreign companies acquired tens of thousands of hectares of Latvian forest land.

Constitutional Court Chairman: Russian language issue - childish dispute

Signatures collection for Russian being granted the status of the second official language in Latvia is a childish dispute among political parties, says Constitutional Court Chairman Gunars Kutris, adding that one party is trying to take revenge over another.

Finance expert: crisis to hit some businesses regardless their management

The possible global crisis will drag down demand in some sectors so aggressively that some businesses will fail regardless any activities from the part of their management, says long-standing finance expert Muzaffar Kaan.

Photo Gallery: week of the Latvian national holiday

BNN sends warm wishes to its readers on the national holiday of Latvia. Good luck to all of us!

Moscow airport passengers check-in via Skype. How about Riga?

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport offers its clients to register to their flights via Skype, according to the company's statement. The International Riga Airport is not currently planning to introduce such a service, although technically it could.

Latvian companies show patriotism

Quite many companies have chosen to include the word "Latvija" (English: Latvia) in their brand names. 675 such companies and organizations in total can be found in Lursoft databases.