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Saturday 23.03.2019 | Name days: Mirdza, Žanete, Žanna

Kolats resigns; Council attempts to change his mind

Dzintris Kolats, director general of Latvijas Radio, has decided to leave his current post and submitted his resignation to the National Council for Electronic Media on Wednesday, October 12, Abrams Kleckins, chairman of NCEM’s council, told in an interview to BNN.

Despite growing salaries, actual income climbs only in Latvia

In absolute terms, the greatest remuneration can still be found in Estonia. However, given the impact of the inflation, the actual income is up only for Latvian households. It has been dropping in Estonia and Lithuania.

Over 8 000 new cars registered in third quarter

Over the nine months of this year, 6 191 passenger cars and 1 838 trucks were bought, totalling 8 029 new cars. Moreover, the third quarter reported the highest number of registered new passenger cars – 2 191 units, Zane Rone, project manager at the Latvian Authorized Automobile Dealers Association, informs the portal BNN.

Portal: Diena was acquired by Slesers, Skele and Lembergs

The newspaper Diena’s actual owners were the three Latvian oligarchs Ainars Slesers, Andris Skele and Aivars Lembergs at least when Viesturs Koziols formally became the owner of the newspaper’s controlling interest in the summer of 2010, according to the evidence obtained by the anti-corruption bureau during the investigation of the so-called oligarchs’ case.

Three candidates nominated for airBaltic head’s post

The search for the new head of the Latvian airline airBaltic could be concluded within the next two weeks, when the airline's council has selected the most suitable candidate.

Unity’s disagreements possibly pushed Harmony Center out of coalition

It is positive that a coalition has been formed. It would be worse if there was none. Moreover, if a decision is taken, it should not be changed, says Ivars Godmanis, the European Parliament deputy and ex-Prime Minister.

Berzins restores Constitutional Rights Commission

President of Latvia Andris Berzins is set to restore Constitutional Rights Commission under the administration of President. It will be run by Egils Levits, the European Union court judge and the Riga Graduate School of Law Professor Emeritus, the State Chancery told the news portal BNN.

Afghan authorities’ ability to control situation doubted

Despite a number of positive aspects associated with the Afghan national security forces development and Afghan soldiers' participation in NATO training program, there are serious concerns over local authorities’ ability to control the situation in the country.

Tymoshenko found guilty

Pechersk District Court of Kiev has found Ukraine’s ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko guilty of abusing office by signing gas contracts in 2009. Moreover, she has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Lenders to assess government support to airBaltic

Currently, the international lenders do not see any obstacles to the loan program conclusion with Latvia. However, they do indicate that all the necessary tasks have to be carried out jointly by late 2011.

National association interprets four items in parties’ agreement document

The national association AFL-FF/LNNK has added its own interpretation of four items in the agreement document signed with Zatlers Reform Party and Unity.

Likelihood of re-recession in eurozone – 35%

There are heightening concerns over sovereign debt levels in the eurozone, giving grounds to crisis spreading throughout the eurozone and resulting in re-recession. This would have a negative impact on Latvia as well, although Latvia will not face repeated double dip, according to Ernst&Young’s survey Autumn 2011 Eurozone Forecast.

Zatlers: coalition with Harmony Center would fail to gather majority vote at Saeima

Zatlers Reform Party has not changed its standpoint, still believing that a broad coalition including Harmony Center would be the best option, yet such a coalition is currently unable to gather the majority vote at the Saeima, points out Valdis Zatlers, leader of the party.

Harmony Center wants to convince Berzins about flaws of new coalition

Harmony Center is set to convince President of Latvia Andris Berzins about the drawbacks of the newly-formed ruling coalition, consisting of three parties - Zatlers Reform Party, Unity and All for Latvia!-TB/LNNK.