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Wednesday 17.07.2019 | Name days: Aleksejs, Aleksis

Deutsche Bank: Germany - under threat of recession

The German economy could fall into a recession during the autumn-winter season, say Deutsche Bank analysts. According to Stephan Schneider, the country's huge focus on exports could drag down its growth.

Huge number of Latvians in Ireland and Great Britain sign for Russian

Ireland and Great Britain have the biggest communities of people from Latvia, which have been extremely active to sign for Russian as the official language in Latvia, says Kristine Berzina, representative of the Central Election Commission.

Greek parliament votes for 2012 austerity measures

Greece has adopted 2012 budget aimed at slashing its debt and cutting the deficit down to 5.4% of GDP versus 9% projected in 2011.

Polastri: euro not to collapse, but uncertainty expected

The euro will not collapse, but the European Union will see prevailing uncertainty for about a year, says Giovanni Polastri, Senior Strategist at Swedbank Robur.

Bank of Latvia warns public sector not to raise wages inadequately

During the period from 2004 until 2008 the Latvian national consolidated combined budget expenditure increased almost two times, one third of it being made by increase in wages of public sector employees.

S&P could cut 15 eurozone countries' credit ratings

The international rating agency Standard & Poor's is mulling over downgrading 15 eurozone countries credit ratings. There is 50% chance the agency could cut the ratings, including the one of Estonia, in the nearest three months time.

Profit of Swedish banks - 75% of total amount

Most banks in recent nine months have worked with profit, 75% of the total amount made by two Swedish banks. The profit of Latvijas Krajbanka, which is to be liquidated, amounted at 13 000 lats.

Ministry of Finance: we kept our promise concerning the sphere of taxes

The Cabinet of Ministers managed to keep their promise concerning the sphere of taxes, Ministry of Finance notes while commenting on the opinion of the Latvian Employer Confederacy (LEC) about the failure of the government to keep their promise by supporting the 2012 budget plan.

15.2% of Russian citizens living in Estonia took part in elections

17 941 people were registered at nine Election sites located in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva. This means that approximately 15.2 % of 118 220 Russian citizens living in Estonia and having the right of vote have taken part in the State duma elections.

Passenger transportation by public transport drops 0.7%

Passenger transportation by public transport dropped 0.7% in the 3rd quarter of 2011. In the 3rd quarter of 2011, 5.9 million passengers were carried by rail.

CSA to mull over disciplinary action against Kveps for conflict of interest in favour of TM security

What do some banks have in common with some attorneys? You can trust neither of them. In terms of the banking business we see this in Krajbanka collapse. informs about another case, which could lead to a similar outcome, but in the profession of an attorney.

Minimal pension size will remain the same

On Monday 5th of December the Government decided to leave the minimal pension amount as it next year. In accordance with this decision the minimal pension amount cannot be smaller than social insurance aid, which to this point is estimated to be 45 LVL, reported by the Ministry of Welfare.