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Wednesday 24.04.2019 | Name days: Nameda, Visvaldis, Ritvaldis

Politicians differ on why Zatlers was not elected Saeima Speaker

Before the first 11th Saeima session on October 17, politicians pledged to elect Zatlers Reform Party leader and ex-president Valdis Zatlers the next Saeima Speaker. However, neither the first voting, nor the second turned out to be successful for Zatlers.

Lembergs’ venti – a clinical case

BNN survey of the 41st week of the year showed that opinions differed regarding another «move» from Ventspils: what will happen after Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs launches his own currency – the vents? The majority of opinions: Lembergs’ venti – a clinical case.

APTA: SRS has exaggerated its achievements in shadow economy combat

Over the nine months of 2011, the State Revenue Service’s input in combating shadow economy, in particular alcoholic beverage segment, is to put it mildly an exaggeration because the 4% increase in legal alcoholic beverages sales was achieved only because it is the season when wine and beer demand is growing, consider the members of Alcohol Producers and Traders Association.

Economist: government needs stricter fiscal discipline

"Worse performance would in no way affect the IMF and EC loan programme that rounds up this year," says Dainis Stikuts, Swedbank senior economist, when commenting upon the Central Statistical Bureau's data on the general government budget.

Rating agency R&I visits Latvia

On October 17, the international rating agency R&I is paying an annual visit to Latvia, the Finance Ministry told the news portal BNN.

Court assesses ruling on freezing Lembergs' assets

On October 17, Riga District Court is set to assess Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court decision to recognize and enforce the High Court of England and Wales ruling on freezing Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs’ assets worth 135 million U.S. dollars (LVL 66.69 mln).

State Revenue Service requires premiums of 2.27 million lats for employees

The State Revenue Service (SRS) is calling on the Cabinet of Ministers to decide on granting additional funding of 2.27 million lats for staff motivation. These additional funds would be used to pay the SRS' staff one-off premiums of 75% of the average monthly salary, which currently comprises 390 lats after tax deductions.

Government budget deficit in 2010 – 8.3% of GDP

In 2010, the general government budget deficit hit 1 060.3 million lats or 8.3% of GDP. While the general government debt stood at 5 694.6 million lats or 44.7% of GDP, according to the Central Statistical Bureau’s data prepared in line with the methodology of ESA' 95.

Latvia to consider Austria’s experience in unregistered unemployment reduction

The Welfare Ministry plans to take into account Austria’s experience when drafting a normative regulation for the State Employment Agency in cases where there are suspicions about unregistered employment of jobless people, the Ministry’s representatives inform after experience exchange seminar in Austria last week.

41% of residents ready for new crisis

After assessing the population's financial health, it is possible to say that only around 41% of Latvia’s households are well prepared for another crisis, says Reinis Jansons, head of Swedbank Investment Products.

Slesers Reform Party LFP/LW to be liquidated

Riga City Council's deputies elected from the party Latvian First Party/Latvia’s Way have decided to initiate the liquidation of Slesers Reform Party LFP/LW, citing poor Saeima election outcome as the reason.

Zatlers calls his former party members move «low blow»

"It's a low blow for both the government and the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis," says Zatlers Reform Party's leader Valdis Zatlers, when commenting on six ZRP members quitting the party.

Rutkaste: this is a confidence crisis

Firstly, the crisis in the world is a confidence crisis, as the past decade was based on a debt-accumulation model, with debts soaring up to a level where nobody believed that they will ever be recovered, considers Uldis Rutkaste, deputy head of the Bank of Latvia Monetary Policy Department.

We'll soon find out whether Ventspils really needs investments

Old folk wisdom has it that the better you treat nature, the nicer it treats you. However, for manufacturing activities not to harm the environment, the Latvian State Environmental Service has set strict requirements, but little does a license help in the case of Ventspils Grain Terminal.