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Tuesday 19.03.2019 | Name days: Jāzeps

Latvian court employees to get bigger salaries

Justice Ministry and Latvian court employees have come to an agreement that 1 446 court employees will be paid more starting from October 2011. The ministry is set to spend LVL 278.956 for that.

French press «buries» Europe

"Euro is not dead yet, but Europe could be. One must not necessarily have a Nobel prize in economy to get that Greece is not under threat of bankruptcy. It has already gone bankrupt," says Hervé Gattegno, editor-in-chief at French weekly Le Point.

Fenster: we have money enough

Commenting on the initiated case regarding the publishing house Fenster insolvency, Andrejs Kozlovs, company's chairman, claims that his company is huge and there are no problems with its liquidity.

Car services set to boost prices

"Inevitable increase in workforce remuneration, heavy tax burden and energy resources price gains are the key arguments pushing authorized car services to boost prices for at least 10%," says Andris Kulbergs, President of Latvian Authorized Automobile Dealers Association.

Oil prices drop 1 dollar over investors' concerns

Brent crude drop has exceeded one U.S. dollar over concerns that the U.S. Federal Reserve System’s measures would be insufficient to recover the previously achieved economic growth. Moreover, banks point to large-scale negative risks.

Berzins: austerity measures helped Latvia exit crisis

During his address at the 66th session of the United National General Assembly, the President of Latvia Andris Berzins, pointed out that Latvia was among the countries that were most rapidly and severely stricken by the economic crisis. However, it recovered due to swift and decisive action regarding austerity measures.

Selva būve: Latvia and large constructors enable creation of «construction-mayflies»

Latvia and large construction companies claim there are too many «construction mayflies» – small construction companies that operate for a while and then leave the market. However, their actions directly contribute to the emergence of such constructors, says Rolands Orlovskis, board chairman of SIA Selva būve.

airBaltic seeks legal protection

Latvian national airline airBaltic has applied for legal protection so that it can keep operating flights to European, Middle East, Russian and CIS airports.

Harmony Center not afraid of running inexperienced government

Harmony Centre (HC) is not afraid of lacking experience in the government, as the party believes that its performance at Riga City Council has proved its management abilities. The news portal BNN learned this from Valerijs Ageshins, deputy chairman of HC faction in the Saeima. knows what Zatlers and Urbanovich's parties don't know

On the contrary to Zatlers Reform Party (ZRP) and Harmony Center's (HC) statements, serious discussions on the next ministerial posts are already being held.

Slesers: we have nothing, we are just waiting for statistics to improve

After twenty years of independence, the economies of three Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – have gone different paths. Estonia is currently in the lead, followed by Lithuania, with Latvia taking the last place. BNN surveyed the politicians that were not elected in the new Parliament, on why, in their opinion, Latvia is lagging behind its Baltic neighbours.

EU bans large gas cylinders

The EU has banned the sales of dangerous high-pressure equipment that have not been accordingly certified. Consequently, further on 50 litre gas cylinders will have to be given up.

Industrial producer price level grows 0.4%

Compared to July 2011, the overall level of Latvian industrial producer prices surged 0.4% in August 2011. Producer prices rose by 0.8% for products sold in the domestic market, while dropping 0.1% for exported goods.

No peace possible between Parex bank and its former shareholders

Last Friday, September 16, the court held a preparatory hearing of the claim against Valery Kargin and Victor Krasovicki, former shareholders of Parex bank. Judge Gvido Ungurs proposal to reach a settlement agreement did not satisfy either side.

63% want president to take part in forming government

The majority of 63% of all the economically active population aged 18-55 believes that the president needs to take active participation in forming the next Cabinet of Ministers.