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Friday 22.02.2019 | Name days: Rigonda, Adrians, Ārija

Politicians discuss the pros and cons of Kariņš’s government

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RULatvian politicians have commenced preliminary debates before the vote on New Unity politician Arturs Krišjāņis Kariņš’s forming government’s approval. BNN offers the pros and cons provided by opposition deputies.

In his pre-vote speech, Kariņš said: «The 13th Saeima elections. What was the result? On the one hand people say there was no clarity, but on the other hand the nation has elected people in our nation. The people are our reflection. The key for our government is not fighting each other over power, but looking for common ground. One person cannot do much – we have to combine our forces.»

He also stressed the new government is prepared to look at every single proposal from the opposition. «We will not be the ones to reject proposals simply because they come from the opposition.»

Kariņš said there are seven topics the government will focus on: sorting of the financial system, strengthening of rule of law, continuation of previous government’s initiated healthcare and education reforms, abolishment of MPC system, territorial reformation and resolution of demographic problems.

«By accomplishing these tasks we will implement fiscal discipline principles and maintain a clear euro-Atlantic course,» he said.

Kariņš also mentioned in his speech that «our [Latvia’s] neighbour Russia has become aggressive», adding that «this presents a challenge not only for Latvia but the rest of the world as well».

Harmony party’s deputy in the Saeima Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis was very sceptical of the government declaration Kariņš has come up with. According to him, Kariņš’s government divides Latvia’s society. Harmony’s representative also says the approved government declaration lacks at least 99% of pre-election promises.

Dombrovskis said it is unclear what will happen with MPC after the system’s abolishment. Because of that, he is very sceptical about the reasons why Kariņš did not participate in 13th Saeima elections: «Tell me – do you think you would have been elected to the 13th Saeima had you participated in elections as a candidate?»

«Who is actually in charge of Kariņš’s government? Is it Imants Parādnieks, or someone else? Mr. Kariņš, I will vote against your government,» said Dombrovskis in conclusion of his speech.

Raivis Dzintars, head of the National Alliance’s Saeima faction voiced support of Kariņš, adding that the remainder of members of the Union of Greens and Farmers in the opposition is a loss. Dzintars thanked Kučinskis because he saw he leader of the entire government team in him.

AP Saeima faction leader Daniels Pavļuts voiced full support for a stable Saeima vote. He also recounted the promise mentioned in the government declaration on finishing the municipal reform. He added: «I will defend the rights of Harmony and UGF to take posts, as well as for them to participate in Saeima’s work equally with all.»

Similarly to Dombrovskis, UGF faction leader Armands Krauze criticized the promises given by coalition parties before elections. He believes none of those promises have made it to the declaration.

Bordāns, meanwhile, is positive about the long government formation process, adding that: «What goes slowly, goes well.» He said he is happy and positive in regards to the future.

Party-less Saeima deputy Jūlija Stepaņenko said: «I will support Kariņš’s government if neither Edgars Rinkēvičs nor Ilze Viņķele is in it, considering the latter has lost support from voters. I will support the new government if Artis Pabriks is not the defence minister. I will support if Jānis Reirs is not in it.»

Additionally, when discussing how the government should conduct its work, she mentioned she would support Kariņš’s Cabinet of Ministers if its priorities include the fight against poverty not the ideological fight in favour of same-sex marriages.

KPV LV politician Aldis Gobzems poetically mentioned in his speech: «We will vote for a government whose prime minister lost in elections. We will vote for a prime minister who was scared of taking part in elections, who believed his party would lose in elections. We will vote for a prime minister who could outmatch Solvita Āboltiņa. We will vote for Viņķeļe clan, like in Africa. We will vote for the loser Imants Parādnieks as your advisor, who definitely has experience solving demographic problems. We will vote for the loser Juris Pūce».

He adds: «A person who lost his friendship will also lose people’s trust. My former comrade in arms Artuss Kaimiņš will also vote for the government». Gobzems also said he is disappointed in KPV LV party’s positive stance towards the new government.

Kaimiņš responded to Gobzems’ comment the following way: «A woman can be loved mindlessly and passionately, but power should not be loved at all.»

He explained his decision to vote in favour of Kariņš’s government by noting the lessened presence of ‘communists’ in the new Saeima, adding that although he is «no fan of Viņķele, but she is still better than Brigmanis».

Harmony politician Boriss Cilēvičs calls Kariņš’s government «a capitulation government».

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