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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

Swedbank: Latvian residents prefer private homes and new project buildings

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUCurrently there is 10-15% growth observed on Latvia’s real estate market. Residents mostly prefer private homes and new project buildings, according to information from Swedbank.

The average mortgage loan amount last year was EUR 66,000, which means 10% grown when compared to the previous year. The majority of real estate objects were bought in Riga – 60%. Demand in Pieriga and regions is similar – 20%, according to the bank’s information.

Residents prefer private homes and new projects

As construction of private homes develops the ratio of apartment purchases declines. Generally 23% of residents decided in favour of purchasing private homes (an increase of two percentage points). As for the apartment segment, residents mostly prefer new project buildings (built in 2017 or 2018), where an increase of three percentage points was observed, according to data from Swebank.

Generally, one fifth of apartments bought last year were in buildings built between 2000 and 2016. Every tenth apartment was bought in new project buildings. However, there is still a distinct preference for buildings built before 2000 (69%). As for the private home segment, 35% of purchased homes are new (built in the past two years). As for the second-hand market for private homes is active – 27% of residents have purchased buildings built between 2000 and 2016, whereas 28% of purchased buildings were built before 2000, the bank reports.

As for the size of housing, demand for relatively large homes has returned – 23% of homes purchased in 2018 were larger than 250 m2. As a comparison – the ratio of such houses in Estonia and Lithuania is only 9% on the market. At the same time, however, demand is on a rise for housing smaller than 150 m2. Swedbank experts note that the average area of newly-built private homes is usually around 170 m2, which is considered optimal for a family home. As for the apartment segment, smaller area apartments are in demand the most (38% prefer apartments that are 36 m2 or 55 m2), as well as apartments with an area 75 m2 (35%).

«We can see that Latvia’s real estate market is becoming more active. New housing and commercial areas continue popping up, property purchase prices are also on a rise. However, positive changes in the economy, residents’ more responsible attitude towards housing purchase and a reasonable lending policy helps maintain balanced growth of the market,» says Swedbank Head of Mortgage Support Department Normunds Dūcis.

«It is notable that caution is generally higher in Latvia, where real estate market grows slower than it does in Lithuania and Estonia. This caution is both rational and emotional, because income of households is on a rise, apartment price rise is moderate and housing accessibility in Riga is better than it is in Vilnius and Tallinn,» said Dūcis.

Trends in demand for new multi apartment projects

In recent years there has been an increase for economy-class apartments (priced EUR 1,550 per 1 m2) in the new multi-apartment project segment. Last year, 65% of all purchase transactions in new projects were performed in the economic segment. There is active development of new projects in this segment. 2,000 new apartments are currently under construction. Another 3,500 are planned for the next three years, Swedbank notes.

Much fewer purchase deals have been noted for business-class apartments (up to 2,500 EUR/m2) and exclusive apartments (more than 2,500 EUR/m2) – 24% and 11% of all purchase deals. The average price of 1 m2 for business-class apartments was EUR 2,100 last year. An average of 30 purchases was made every month. There are 800 apartments of this class currently under construction. The number of purchases made in the exclusive-segment is very small – about 15 purchases of apartments whose average price per 1 m2 is EUR 3,100, the bank reports.

Trends in the private home construction sector

Currently the majority of all built private homes have only one floor (70%). Wooden frame houses are also on a rise popularity-wise (40%). This means wooden panels are manufactured based on special orders at factories, Swedbank reports.

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BNN summary of the week: Waiting for new Culture Minister; Misleading by Supreme Court chair; bank watchdog overhaul

In the past week in Latvia, changes were announced in the Financial and Capital Market Commission, which will have new a management and duties. A substitute has been proposed for Dace Melbārde as the Latvian Culture Minister after her election to the European Parliament. The conservatives have picked Nauris Puntulis, an opera singer and current Riga City councillor, for the post. The candidate gave an interview to BNN on his priorities in the post.

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Moscow sees U.S. decision of another thousand troops to Poland as sensitive

The Russian government stated the Russian army was closely tracking U.S. plans to send an additional thousand of its troops Poland as a deputy minister criticised the move as probably «aggressive».

Europol: Risks of Russian money laundering still exist in Baltics

In the Baltic states, there still exist risks for the laundering of money from Russia, said official from European police agency Europol, Pedro Felicio, who works on anti-money laundering measures in the body. He added that the problem is amplified by «zero cooperation from the side of Russia».

Data: 47.3% Latvian restaurants had tax debt over last six months

47.3% of Latvian restaurants and cafes had a tax debt exceeding 150 euros in the past six months, yet the total taxes paid by the sector have surged by 19.87% on year, data by business database Lursoft showed.

Latvian parliament in no rush to discuss Jewish restitution payment of EUR 40 mln

The Latvian Saeima has postponed the discussion of a draft law to compensate the Latvian Jewish community in the amount of 40 million euros for property confiscated by totalitarian powers in the mid-20th century in the then occupied Latvia.

Latvian Supreme Court chairman blamed for misleading PM over new court

Latvian Supreme Court chairman Ivars Bičkovičs has misrepresented to the Prime Minister the opinion of the Justice Council on the plan of a new economic cases’ court, says Latvian Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns. Two members of the council voted in favour of the establishment of the new court, while nine members were against it.

Latvian Health Ministry pushing for fairer competition in medicines’ market

Seeking lower prices of medicines for patients on the Latvian market, the country’s Health Ministry, is working on measures to improve access to medicines.

Approved: Latvian financial watchdog to have new management, more duties

The Latvian parliament has passed amendments to the Law of the Financial and Capital Market Commission aimed at strengthening the prevention of money laundering and terrorism funding in the financial and capital market.

Latvia cancels healthcare funding system of «two baskets»

People in Latvia will maintain access to healthcare services in the framework of mandatory health insurance by 2021 just as now, regardless of insurance payments made.

Estonia confirms alcohol U-turn to recover booze tourists from Latvia

As Estonia tries to recover its alcohol customers lost to neighbouring Latvia due to high excise duty, the parliament in Tallinn has passed a 25% cut in excise duty rate.

All Souls’ Day two? Lithuania eyes new national holiday

Members of the Lithuanian Seimas propose making the All Souls’ Day a national holiday in the majority Catholic Baltic country adding one holiday to the calendar in early November.

Lithuania's next President set to take bull by horns in tackling poverty

Lithuania’s president-elect Gitanas Nausėda has touched one issue – social exclusion and high level of income inequality in Lithuanian society – a lot more than all the others.

Latvian aviation can reach level of Sweden in ten years, says Transport Minister

The aviation sector of Latvia could by 2030 reach with increased efforts the level of Sweden in terms of passenger numbers, flights and cargo handling per capita, stated Latvian Transport Minister Tālis Linkaits.