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Ceturtdiena 09.04.2020 | Name days: Valērija, Žubīte

Kristīne Misāne presented with charges in Latvia

Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne, who previously faced extradition to the South African Republic, has been presented charges in Latvia, as reported by LTV.

Latvian Welfare Minister receives letters asking to not ban child adoption by foreigners

Latvian Welfare Minister Ramona Petraviča has received 17 letters from children who were adopted by foreigners and who now live abroad, asking her to not ban child adoption by foreigners for children who remain in orphanages, as confirmed by the minister’s advisor for communication affairs Jānis Zariņš.

Until new regulations are ready, Saeima proposes banning child adoption by foreigners

On Wednesday, 4 March, Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee’s majority conceptually supported establishment of a moratorium on adoption of children by foreigners until new regulations have been developed.

Estonian children start school with 49.5% missing some vaccines, study finds

In Estonia, 49.5% of first-graders are not fully vaccinated in the framework of a state vaccination programme, a study, cited by Estonian public broadcaster ERR, has found.

Latvia’s territories with the largest percentage of children – Mārupe, Ādaži and Babīte

Most children eagerly wait for Father Christmas to come and bring presents. This is why the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia has decided to look at data and compile a roadman for Father Christmas – locations in Latvia with the largest percentage of children.

Politicians lean towards limiting Latvian child adoption to foreign countries

On Tuesday, 17 December, Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee’s majority voiced support towards limiting adoption of Latvian children to foreign countries.

More than one-third of orphans in Latvia don’t want to be adopted

Currently of the 1 175 orphans in Latvia, 431 children do not want to be adopted. This means it is possible to adopt 571 children. Of them, 377 are aged ten to 18 years, as reported by Welfare Ministry’s Communication Office head Aiga Ozoliņa.

Swedbank: 44% of parents would entrust their family budget’s planning to their child

As an experiment, 44% of adults with children aged 11 to 19 would be prepared to entrust their family’s budget planning to their child. At the same time, some of them are not confident about their child’s ability to plan finances, according to Swedbank’s Private Finances Institute’s study.

Guide for parents «Children and Online Games» now available

To explain why children are absorbed by online games and provide recommendations how parents should act to make games for their children as safe as possible a special guide for parents «Children and Online Games» is now available. The guide compiles recommendations from industry professionals and children.

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