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Wednesday 08.04.2020 | Name days: Dana, Dans, Danute, Edgars

Kilometre-long freight train from China to pass through Latvia this week

This week a freight train pulling 100 containers forming a kilometre-long chain will pass through Latvia on its way from China to Kaliningrad Oblast, as BNN was told by Latvian Railway.

Russia lifts all sanctions on imports of essential goods

The Russian government has announced the lifting of all its restrictions for imports of essential goods for one month from Friday, March 20, according to the Russian state news agency TASS.

Russia reports first death from Covid-19

On Thursday, 19 March, Russian authorities reported the first case of death from Covid-19.

VDD: continued search for cross-border cooperation with Russia creates intelligence risks

Latvian municipalities continue looking for options to perform cross-border cooperation with Russia. Among those projects there are significant intelligence risks, according to the report for 2019 from Latvia’s State Security Service.

Prosecutors in MH17 trial say Russia trying to sabotage investigation

In the Netherlands, the prosecutors of the MH17 trial into the murder of 298 people have said there is evidence that the Russian government is keen to thwart the investigation and some witnesses feel endangered if disclosed, The Guardian reports.

Magnitsky case-related assets worth half a million dollars arrested

Latvian State Police’s Economic Crimes Enforcement Unit has arrested assets related to Magnitsky case worth half a million dollars, as reported by State Police Public Relations Office’s senior specialist Elīna Priedīte.

Putin seeks to mention faith in God, define marriage in constitution

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed additional norms, including on heterosexual marriage and faith in God, to be added to the Russian Constitution as part of his constitutional reform, Russian news portal Meduza reports.

Measures requested for Latvian citizen over recruitment of VDD official for Russia

In the middle of February Latvian State Security Service requested the office of the prosecutor to commence criminal prosecution of a Latvian citizen over recruitment of a VDD official to spy for Russian intelligence services.

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