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Ceturtdiena 09.04.2020 | Name days: Valērija, Žubīte

Sweden’s Swedbank receives a fine of EUR 360 million

Sweden’s Swedbank has been applied with a fine of EUR 360 million for problems with its internal control system and management, as reported by the bank.

Swedbank warns about suspicious text messages sent on bank’s behalf

Swedbank has received information about fraudsters using the bank’s name and sending fake text messages to its clients, the bank warns.

Survey: one-third of Latvian residents expect tax returns

One-third of Latvian residents expect to receive tax returns of 50 to 100 euros this year, according to Swedbank Private Finances Institute expert Evija Kropa.

Economist: rising labour costs among retailers' chief challenges

This year’s biggest challenges for retailers will include the decline of numbers of residents and buyer, as well as growing labour force costs, says Swedbank economist Agnese Buceniece.

Swedbank: 27% of Latvian residents believe they are aware of tax benefits

Only every fourth Latvian resident believes they are fully aware of taxes and benefits applied to their wage, according to results of a study performed by Swedbank Institute of Finances.

Swedbank predicts 2.2% economic growth for Latvia in 2020

Latvia’s national economic growth in 2020 will rely on private consumption. Overall growth is expected at 2.2%, according to Swedbank chief economist Liva Zorgenfreija.

Swedbank: Latvian households’ financial situation assessment the highest since 2013

For the first time since 2013 the assessment of Latvian households’ financial situation has reached its highest score, when positive responses exceed negative, according to results of a survey by Swedbank.

Swedbank introduces free operations with securities

Swedbank has abolished the commission fee for operations on Baltic stock markets to promote public interest in deals using shares and other securities, the bank reports.

Bank: Latvian residents have become more active with making savings

Following increased economic growth, there has been an improvement with Latvian residents’ financial reserves, according to data compiled by Swedbank. Nearly 17% of them have managed to save up money worth three or more wage amounts (2% more than last year), according to data from Swedbank.

Outlook: Latvia’s inflation may have reached 2% - 2.3% in October

The level of consumer prices in Latvia may have increased by 2% - 2.3% in October 2019 when compared to the same month of the previous year, bank analysts predict.

Swedbank: 44% of parents would entrust their family budget’s planning to their child

As an experiment, 44% of adults with children aged 11 to 19 would be prepared to entrust their family’s budget planning to their child. At the same time, some of them are not confident about their child’s ability to plan finances, according to Swedbank’s Private Finances Institute’s study.

Swedbank: Estonian branch needs to investigate money laundering scandal

Chairman of Swedish Swedbank council Göran Persson stressed during his visit to Estonia that the bank needs to determine the reasons behind problems so that it is possible to leave the scandal with money laundering and the stain on the bank’s reputation in the past.

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