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Ceturtdiena 09.04.2020 | Name days: Valērija, Žubīte

In Spain, death toll from COVID-19 exceeds that of China

In Spain, more people have died from health problems related to COVID-19 than in China, making the Southern European nation the worst affected country in the world after Italy, British public broadcaster BBC reports.

US to have economy and health care aid plan with USD two trillion

The US government and Congress have agreed on a support package to help the country’s economy, workers and health care system hit by the COVID-19 outbreak and sweeping restrictions, American news agency AP reports.

US to reduce funding to Afghanistan over failed government talks

As Washington seeks to ensure the continuation of peace talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban group, the US have announced a USD billion dollar-cut to aid funding after failed government-building talks, The Guardian reports.

Three US presidential candidates quit race to endorse Biden

As the US Democratic Party continues to vote to select ist presidential candidate, three candidates have quit their campaigns and endorsed Joe Biden, French news agency AFP reports.

Cameras banned by US used to monitor Lithuanian leaders

The video surveillance cameras manufactured in China by companies applied with US sanctions are used in cars used by Lithuanian political leaders, as well as in areas like state border guard and migration control, as concluded by journalists of Lithuanian public media LRT.

US first democratic caucuses bring Buttigieg and Sanders as top presidential candidates

In the US state of Iowa, the first caucuses of the Democratic Party to select its candidate for the US presidential election has produced Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders as the frontrunners, according to AP news agency.

Lithuanian troops to have careful medical tests over Iran missile attacks

Lithuanian troops, who were among allied forces in Iraq during Iran’s retaliatory attack on US forces in January would undergo careful health tests after their return to the Baltic country, LRT broadcaster reports.

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