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Wednesday 26.02.2020 | Name days: Mētra, Evelīna, Aurēlija

UGF and Harmony once again vote to keep Truksnis the Mayor of Jurmala

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUWith votes from the Union of Greens and Farmers and Harmony, Jurmala Mayor Gatis Truksnis has once again managed to keep his post.

The opposition initiated a vote in the city council to decide on Truksnis’ remainder in this post.

Commenting on the vote, Truksnis categorically denied his involvement in all crimes he is accused of committing. He adds that he anxiously expects to appeal those accusations in court. «I have not committed any illegalities. I have never financed anyone, nor have I ever forged documents. All of those accusations are politically motivated,» said the mayor.

He said ‘accusations are reported as though cow bells every time materials of the case are carried from one office to another’ and the main reason is the desire to change the power in Jurmala. Truksnis stresses that society has known about these accusations since 2016. In spite of that, residents decided to entrust management over Jurmala to him and his team in 2017.

«Clearly voters trust me and my words when I say I am innocent. I have no intention of stepping down and abandoning voters, because responsibility includes continued work and fulfilment of promises,» said the mayor.

Truksnis also stressed charges have been raised against him personally, not the city council or any of its companies.

Deputy Guntis Grūba, however, said that listening to Truksnis pulls at his heart strings. Unfortunately, he said the mayor’s words do not coincide with actions. «You do not cooperate with members of the opposition, you ignore us, you organized an extraordinary meeting with an agenda that includes regular matters, you approve the budget in haste and give us no time to study all proposals. These are not good management principles,» said Grūba.

He says the charges against Truksnis are very serious and that the mayor is protected only by those to whom he provides benefits. Grūba has always criticized coalition deputies, trying to appeal to their conscience and make them take responsibility for Truksnis and Jurmala’s reputation in general. «Businessmen come to me asking to help them meet millionaire Jūlijs Krūmiņš, because that’s the only way to meet with Truksnis. This is because the two of them play cards two times a week. Is this good management? Is this democracy?» asks Grūba.

Deputy Rolands Parasigs-Parasiņš from the National Alliance also mentioned that it is because of the current situation residents often laugh at Jurmala and the city council.

«Deputy Larisa Loskutova took responsibility for the situation in Rīgas satiksme last week even though accusations were not addressed directly to her. I am shocked you are prepared to suffer for EUR 2,200 a month, but I personally would rather not take it to the streets and explain to my family and friends why I support use of narcotics,» said the deputy, adding that all deputies who support him will no longer be able to stay in their comfortable seats without him.

According to UGF deputy Jānis Lediņš, in spite of all the accusations, the faction believes Truksnis is the best mayor Jurmala has ever had. «Different accusations against him have been around since 2016. He was re-elected as mayor again in 2017. I’ve received calls from residents asking not to dismiss Truksnis,» said the politician.

After talks that lasted for an hour, Truksnis managed to keep his post in spite of the opposition voting in favour of his dismissal.

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  1. Zerry says:

    Mayors of Jurmala or Riga don’t use to have any sense of self criticism. They are like a red wine stain. Almost impossible to get rid of.

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