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Wednesday 26.02.2020 | Name days: Mētra, Evelīna, Aurēlija

Ventspils opposition invites Pūce to act to prevent US sanctions from spreading to city council

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Latvian Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Juris Pūce

Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry (VARAM) and especially Juris Pūce have to act to resolve the current state of Ventsils City Council. It should be dismissed, as the municipal government does not have moral, ethical or legal foundation to continue managing and implementing the criminal management’s policy, according to Ventspils City Council opposition deputies.

Opposition deputies Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis, Aivis Landmanis, Ivars Landmanis and Dace Korna outline in the letter sent to Pūce: «In your 3 January invitation you ordered us to assess risks in the context of OFAC sanctions against Aivars Lembergs. A responsible person who cares about the municipality’s reputation would have stepped down once after being applied with OFAC sanctions. But this has not happened. Moreover: persons under sanctions have put together Ventspils municipality’s budget project for 2020, and we, minority deputies, were not involved in this process – our proposals for the budget were intentionally ignored and were not discussed.»

«We were notified of Ventspils City Council’s plans to discuss the 2020 budget on 14 January, which is only a couple of days prior to the approval of the budget, which is scheduled to take place 17 January 2020. This pattern has continued over several years, but we would like to point out that this practise has continued even after OFAC imposed sanctions against Aivars Lembergs,» opposition deputies stress.

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It is not possible to ensure successful operation of the municipality under the current composition of the city council because for years the nine majority deputies of For Latvia and Ventspils political party and the municipality’s executive director A. Ābele and his subordinates have ignored the court-ruled prohibition for Aivars Lembergs to perform the duties of Ventspils City Council’s chairman. They have also contributed to having the municipality be managed by a person accused of committing serious crimes, a person subjected to US OFAC sanctions and is added to the Magnitsky’s global list of corrupt individuals, opposition deputies add.

They also stress that the aforementioned is unquestionable evidence that Aivars Lembergs subjected to US OFAC sanctions and his supporters are prepared to put personal interests above public interests and put Ventspils City Council, its institutions and residents at risk of sanctions.

Opposition deputies urge the government to prevent such risks from materializing.

Considering Pūce’s invitation to «assess all indirect risks possibly associated with OFAC sanctions against Aivars Lembergs», the opposition turns the minister’s attention towards the fact that on 20 December 2019 he received an application prepared by four Ventspils City Council detailing Aivars Lembergs’ illegally acquired public funds in Ventspils Development Agency.

Opposition deputies believe the report is comprehensive and shows from all sides not only the risks coming from the person under sanctions but also provides evidence of specific illegalities committed by Aivars Lembergs in the current composition of Ventspils City Council, which meets the context of US OFAC sanctions applied to this person.

The letter sent by minority deputies to Pūce also stresses: «The evidence outlined in our report is convincing – it is not possible to ignore it. Every day that passes without action from the state to call a specific state official – Aivars Lembergs – to answer for his actions only increases the risk of US OFAC sanctions extending to Ventspils City Council and municipal institutions.»

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Latvian government supports National Development Plan in spite of objections from ministers

On Tuesday, 25 February, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers supported the final redaction of the National Development Plan 2021-2027 prepared by the Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre. Certain ministers, however, voiced objections and concerns about it.

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Ventas osta to cover Ventspils Freeport authority’s expenditures during transition period

The newly-founded AS Ventas osta will be covering Ventspils Freeport authority’s expenditures in order to perform the necessary management functions during the transition period, as provided by the by-laws approved by the Latvian government on 25 February.

Kristīne Misāne to be delivered to Latvia by 4 March

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Governments urged by WHO to prepare for coronavirus pandemic

The global spread of the coronavirus currently is not a pandemic; however, countries must prepare for such a possible development, the World Health Organisation has stated as cited by the BBC.

Current Riga City Council’s terms officially ends

Today, 25 February, marks the coming into force of the Latvian Saeima’s approved Riga City Council Dissolution Law, putting an end to the current term of the city council.

Ušakovs proposes including ex-GKR politicians to Harmony’s list for snap elections in Riga

Ex-chairman of Riga City Council and Latvian member in the European Parliament Nils Ušakovs has plans to propose adding politicians who left Honour to Serve Riga to Harmony’s list of candidates for upcoming snap elections in Riga.

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Authorities concerned about Rimi and Maxima bread return practices

Following multiple uncovered problems with bread supply practices in retain trade, Latvia’s Competition Council has asked the largest market participants LLC Rimi Latvija and LLC Maxima Latvija to improve internal control processes, as reported by CC communication specialist Zane Gorškova.

EC not planning EU border closure over coronavirus outbreak in Italy

In the Schengen area and EU member state Italy, the dangerous coronavirus has been diagnosed to over 200 people, yet the closure of national boarders is not planned in Brussels, DW reports.

Employment among Latvian population reportedly at 65% in 2019

A total of 910 thousand people or 65 % of the population of Latvia aged 15–74 were employed in 2019. Compared to 2018, employment rate grew by 0.5 percentage points and number of employed persons by 0.6 thousand.

On 102th Independence Day, Estonians urged not to take freedom as granted

Estonia has turned 102. An independed state of Estonia was declared on February 24, 1918. «Freedom and independence are not to be taken for granted,» said Henn Põlluaas, the Estonian parliamentary speaker in an address, ERR reports.

Latvia’s unemployment level reportedly at 6.3% in 2019

61.3 thousand people aged 15–74 were unemployed in 2019. Compared to 2018, number of unemployed persons dropped by 11.5 thousand or 15.8 %.

Danish court officially decides to extradite Kristīne Misāne to Latvia

The Danish court has officially decided to have Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne extradited to her home country, as confirmed by Misāne’s lawyer in Denmark Henrik Stagetorn.

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