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Wednesday 13.11.2019 | Name days: Jevgēņija, Jevgēņijs, Eižens

Week in Lithuania. MPs vote to give hope of release to life prisoners

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The Lithuanian parliament adopted on Thursday, March 21, a package of amendments offering a hope of release to prisoners serving life sentences. The Seimas passed the package with 87 votes in favour, none against and six abstentions.

The amendments will allow a life prisoner to ask a court to review his or her life sentence after serving at least 20 years. The court will review the person’s behaviour in prison and will be able, but not obliged, to replace life imprisonment with a specific term ranging from five to ten years.

The bill comes in response to the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling that Lithuania violates the rights of life prisoners by depriving them of any hope of release. Over 100 inmates are currently serving life sentences in Lithuania.

Parliament fails in its bid to introduce pay cuts for poor attendance

The Seimas of Lithuania on Thursday, March 21, failed in its bid to introduce penalties for lawmakers for poor attendance after MPs refused to back changes to the Statute of the Seimas, stipulating pay cuts for failure to attend parliamentary sittings.

Arturas Skardžius, representing the Social Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania, noted that lawmakers may sometimes need to be in several places at one time and cannot be punished for failure to attend parliamentary sittings.

CC president welcomes individual complaint amendment

The Lithuanian parliament adopted on Thursday, March 21, a constitutional amendment to allow an individual access to the Lithuanian Constitutional Court (CC). The bill passed the final vote by 106 votes to one with one abstention.

The Court’s president Dainius Žalimas says the Seimas’ decision to allow an individual constitutional complain will give people more tools to defend their rights and will thus promote civil involvement. The court’s president said Lithuania had been one of four European states without the individual complaint institute.

The measure is also expected to reduce the caseload of the European Court of Human Rights.

Maxima Grupė hands over management of Spain’s Supersol

Maxima Grupė (Maxima Group), the largest retail group in the Baltics, has handed over this week the management of the Spanish Supersol chain operating 196 shops in Spain to the Luxembourg-based Carson Sarl, which is indirectly owned by Nerijus Numavičius, the owner of Lithuania’s Vilniaus Prekyba, and other minor shareholders. Supersol CEO in Spain Vygintas Šapokas said Maxima Grupė and Supersol reached a mutual agreement to end their cooperation as the group plans to focus on the expansion in Poland where it operated the Stokrotka chain.

MPs give initial backing to lay judge introduction in courts

Lithuanian lawmakers on Thursday, March 21, gave their initial backing to a proposed constitutional amendment to introduce lay judges in courts starting from 2021 after 75 MPs voted in favour, three were against and 13 abstained.

Now the bill will go to parliamentary committees for further consideration. The institution of lay judges was abolished in 1995, and now legal experts and politicians fail to agree on the need to restore it. Supporters say it would make court activities more transparent. Critics, however, believe the institution of lay judges is not a traditional part of Lithuanian law as it was introduced during the Soviet times, and should be considered alien.

Problems with Revolut lie ahead?

Lithuania might probably have problems with the UK fintech startup Revolut, which has a specialised bank license from the Bank of Lithuania, in the future, Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis, running for president, said during an event organised by the Association of Investors on Wednesday, March 20. In December Lithuania became the first European country to issue a specialised bank license to Revolut. But the fintech start-up has been forced lately to dispel politicians’ doubts over the transparency of its activity and plans and alleged ties with Russia.

Revolut plans to launch specialised bank operations in the first half of this year. It states to have 4 million customers, and the value of its monthly operations stands at 4.6 billion US dollars.

Finance ministry cuts GDP growth forecasts

The Lithuanian Finance Ministry on Thursday, March 21, revised its economic growth forecast for this year downward to 2.6 percent, from 2.8 percent previously.It also downgraded its growth projection for 2020 to 2.4 percent and that for 2021 to 2.3 per cent, from the previous estimate of 2.5 percent for both years.

In light of certain risks, the ministry forecasts that the country’s economic growth will decelerate in the coming years, from the 3.4 percent growth rate in 2018, which was a year of robust and sustainable economic growth, Deputy Finance Minister Miglė Tuskienė said.

Kubilius aims at top job at CoE

Lithuania’s former PM Andrius Kubilius and another three candidates for the position of the Council of Europe’s (CoE) secretary general on Wednesday, March 20, introduced themselves to representatives of the organisation’s member countries.

Kubilius, now a lawmaker of the conservative Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats, said he promised during the one-hour interview in Strasbourg to be equally fair to all member states, including Russia. The Committee of Ministers, which is made up of member states’ foreign ministers, is to decide next week on a final list of candidates to be submitted the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly.

Seimas panel: not good to declassify self-confessed KGB agents’ names

The parliament’s Committee on National Security and Defence has rejected a move to make public the names of people who have confessed about their past collaboration with the KGB. The committee did not back on Wednesday, March 20, a bill drafted by the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania–Christian Families Alliance (EAPL-CFA) to declassify the names of former KGB collaborators. The State Security Department (VSD) and the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania do not back the proposal either, saying the state promised to keep the names of these people secret when it invited them come forward about their KGB past.

PM meets with Chinese ambassador

Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis met with the Chinese ambassador on Wednesday, March 20, amid growing concerns over Chinese technology giant Huawei’s investment.

The United States has recently started pressuring its European partners to renounce Huawei equipment, saying that it might help China spy on Western companies. Government representatives have said so far they have no reason to ban the use of Huawei equipment for civilian purposes, but Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis says Huawei technology will not be used by the national defence system.

Laudamotion to launch flights from Vilnius to Vienna

Austria’s budget carrier Laudamotion is set to launch regular flights between Vilnius and Vienna next October, Lietuvos Oro Uostai (Lithuanian Airports, or LOU) said on March 20. Laudamotion will start a three-weekly service between the two capitals on October 28.The Vienna-based airline has a fleet of 23 aircrafts.

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Environment Ministry refuses to approve new waste management regulations in Riga

Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry has decided not to approve Riga City Council’s binding rules on waste management in the capital city, as confirmed by Riga City Council Housing and Environment Department’s Office for Environment head Evija Piņķe.

Harmony wants Honour to Serve Riga to cease working with independent deputies

Harmony political party may agree to continue working in the coalition of Riga City Council under the condition Honour to Serve Riga terminates cooperation with the Independent Deputies Faction, said vice-chairperson of Riga City Council Anna Vladova after meeting with Harmony’s faction on Wednesday, 13 November.

No legalisation. Estonia rejects calls for taking cannabis market in state’s hands

Over 1 000 activists in Estonia have signed a proposal for the state to tax and enforce its control over the illegal market of cannabis, by legalising it. Yet, legislators have not welcomed the idea citing health damage from the substance.

Elenger starts supplying Latvia with natural gas from Klaipeda terminal

Estonian Eesti Gaas subsidiary SIA EG Energija, which operates under Elenger brand, has commenced supplying Latvia with gas from Klaipeda floating gas terminal, as reported by Elenger Latvija board member Dāvis Skulte.

Harmony’s head promises constant control over party’s Riga City Council faction

The chairman of Harmony political party, Saeima deputy Jānis Urbanovičs promises to constantly control the party’s faction in Riga City Council. He wants certainty over the party’s ability to work.

Estonian minister’s actions to be investigated, says PM Ratas

Estonian ruling coalition has agreed that its Minister of Rural Affairs has to be investigated, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas has stated. The current situation is over alleged links to a conflict of interest involving farming subsidies,

Criminal process launched against Russian citizen for possible laundering of EUR 2.3 million

Latvia’s State Revenue Service has commenced a criminal process for possible laundering of EUR 2.3 million of illegally obtained funds by some Russian citizen, as confirmed by VID.

Tesla to build its Europe electric car factory in Germany

American electric carmaker Tesla will build a factory for the production of «batteries, powertrains and vehicles», its chief executive office Elon Musk has stated.

Netherlands planning lower speed limits to tackle pollution

In the Netherlands, the government seeks to considerably reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxide by reducing daytime speed limit on roads from 130 to 100 km/h, leaked government plans to the press say.

State Real Estate board member steps down over construction worker’s death

Following the fatal fall of a construction worker off the roof of Finance Ministry’s building, State Real Estate board member Kitija Gruškevica has stepped down.

Doctors: Healthcare Ministry’s offered wage increase model is unfair

Healthcare Ministry’s proposed model for wage increase for doctors is unfair is goes against the previously voiced desire to raise wages for all healthcare workers equally, said chairman of Latvian Young Doctors Association Kārlis Rācenis and Latvia Health and Social Care Workers Trade Union chairman Valdis Keris.

NATO planes intercept one Russian war plane

In the Baltics, NATO fighter jets from the air policing mission, were last week scrambled once to respond to an alert of a Russian military aircraft.

Proposal to merge FKTK and Bank of Latvia makes it to third reading in Saeima

On Tuesday, 12 November, Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee decided to submit to the Saeima amendments to the Law on the Bank of Latvia for the third reading. These amendments, among other things, provide for the merging of the Bank of Latvia and the Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Estonian village for autism care under construction

In Estonia’s north-west, a village, where different forms of the care of persons with autism spectrum disorder is under construction.

Value of September’s exported goods in Latvia up 2.5% when compared to 2018

In September 2019 the foreign trade turnover of Latvia amounted to EUR 2.44 billion, which at current prices was 1.6 % less than a year ago, of which the exports value of goods was 2.5 % higher, but imports value of goods was 4.6 % lower.

Court declares Latvian cosmetics manufacturer Dzintars insolvent

On Tuesday, 12 November, Riga City Pardaugava Court declared Latvian cosmetics manufacturer AS Dzintars insolvent. Jānis Ozoliņš was appointed as the company’s insolvency administrator, as confirmed by the court’s representative Viktorija Mežance.

EU’s hand extended to Belarus as Lukashenko visits Austria

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko is on Tuesday, November 12, on a visit to Austria. It is his first foreign visit to an European Union member state in three years.

Latvia’s Healthcare Ministry proposes increasing wages for residents by 20%

Healthcare Ministry has come forth with a proposal to increase wages of local residents by 20% and wages of all other healthcare workers by 10%.

«The children arrive truly traumatised». Lithuania hosts 500 Ukrainian pupils

In Lithuanian schools, there currently learn more than 500 students from Ukraine, including the war-torn east of the country.

Internal Security Bureau’s investigations fail to improve situation in interior affairs services

Results of pre-trial investigations of the Internal Security Bureau (IDB) do not inspire improvement for the situation to improve within interior affairs services, which remain riddled with crimes of various categories, the bureau admits.

Ukrainian central bank ex-governor links attacks to oligarch over PrivatBank

Valeria Gontareva, whose family has been targeted in car and arson attacks, has linked the unclear events to an Ukrainian oligarch and the nationalisation of Ukraine’s largest bank PrivatBank.

Saeima Budget Committee’s head says it is hard to vote against popular things

«It is very hard to vote against popular things. In politics there will always be a situation when initiatives exceed abilities,» said chairman of Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee Mārtiņš Bondars in an interview to Latvijas Radio, commenting on the approval of the country’s budget for 2020.

Ex-finance supervisory office’s head applies for Bank of Latvia governor’s post

Ex-chairman of Latvia’s Finance and Capital Market Commission Uldis Cērps has officially submitted his candidacy for the post of governor of the Bank of Latvia.

Australia fighting over 50 bushfires amid strong winds

In Australia’s south-east, communities have been warned of «catastrophic» conditions as the state of New South Wales is fighting more than 50 bushfires. About six million people live in the region.

Tender for public transport service rights under fire over questionable rules

Latvia’s Procurement Monitoring Bureau has prohibited Road Transport Directorate from continuing the procurement procedure without amendments and signing the contract for regional public transport services for 2021-2030, according to the decision made by IUB Submissions Review Committee.